The Last Wish by Andrezej Sapkowski

So I fell in love again – his name is Geralt.

Warning: it is an adult book.

So the Last Wish follows a Witcher (badass monsterslayer) named Geralt. He has had a long life slaying monsters and being paid to do so. The book feels like his memoir. It sort of feels like you have a story throughout about what’s happened to him in the present and then he talks about various situations and encounters that he has faced over his life. It is kind of a unique format and takes a while to get into it.

So it is quite a unique fantasy series and it is very focused on the magical creatures element but at the heart  of it it is more about the people living in this type of world and it’s struggles. It just bring something quite new to it and seems like the author is perhaps commenting on medieval society and the presence of magic and the problems that it brings.

The characters are not entirely likable – they all do things that you don’t like (including my one true love Geralt). However, that’s sort of the charm of this book. I just think that it’s refreshing to have flawed characters (I say refreshing but this book is older than me…. just saying).

I did like most of the stories in this but the ones less focused around the magical creatures were my least favourite. Because of this mythology it is just so interesting and very different to things that I have ever read before. I sort of want more of this type of story. I will say that the non-creature stories do tell you more about Geralt’s characteristics.

The hardest part of the story and world is how the wider scope lacks some explanation. A lot of things are sort of taken for granted and names of different types of creatures are jsut flung around. I did find this much easier to deal with because I have played and loved the games that are based on these books. You may need some googling but luckily because of the games there’s quite a lot out there.

I would recommend maybe taking your time reading through this book but I so strongly recommend it. I cannot wait to dive into the other books in this series.

‘What’s for ye will ne’er go past ye’