A letter to a character #1 – Mort – Mort by Terry Pratchett

So we all take to characters don’t we, and sometime you hear them back. So here’s a snippet of some thoughts I had while reading Mort by Terry Pratchett. (Anything in italic is what I think Mort is saying, if you’ve read the book you’ll really understand why and the humour behind it)

Dear Boy, (Mort!), “What a coincidence”

How’s it going? In all honesty I can’t really tell with you. Life just get’s you down doesn’t it, or up? Am I making sense? Anyway, I don’t know where we left off but your world had gone completely upside down and inside out. Things are always happening on that great big turtle.

So….. have you gone back to Sto Helit yet, you really seemed set on it, also how’s the girl? She really is something isn’t she? Bet you didn’t see that one coming but I’m not sure we did either. You really don’t know how lucky you are that Terry Pratchett wrote you , I mean, he just did such a good job capturing you you know?

So let’s get serious, things got tough with Death didn’t they. Bet that’s not a phrase you hear in Discworld a lot… or maybe it is. But seriously, how did you think messing with the space time continuum was going to go? I had to put you down, but just for a little bit.

Your mate (not really) Rincewind saved the day, well for me he did. Not that you’re not excellent, just it kinda got slow and you were just being so stupid! But I mean, where can I find a Binky, he’s like the best, flying horse, it’s like we’re living in Harry Potter (well I was written before that so got no clue what you’re talking about).

So, you scared us for a minute…. Don’t do it again, just don’t go there ok? It’s not your job, I know your name reflects it but come on, you’re just not him. I suppose you’ve accepted your limited time now and at least you’ve changed back because that doesn’t always happen. Poor Albert. Did you egt to keep Binky? I can’t remember.

Do I get to read more about you? If so when? (This isn’t happening you know) I KNOW! But come on, it’s Pratchett, he was one of the greatest authors to ever live and I never experienced him until he was gone. Which one of you went for him?

Alright alright, calm down boy (MORT!), I’m going, you’ve got a busy life full of living. I did really like you Mort (It’s Mo…. Oh, thanks), take care out there, you don’t know what, or who’s around the corner.