Because You Love To Hate Me Anthology Review

There may be some spoilers for the stories contained in the sense that I discuss what some of the stories are about.

So Because You Love To Hate Me was a relatively hyped book when it was announced because of its unique collaboration between Booktubers and some of the best known YA authors.

There was some discussion around it when it was relased but in all honesty it’s sort of fallen by the wayside. Now I don’t know if it’s because it had such high expectations or because Booktubers don’t want to promote something they were a part of due to their bias.

In all honesty it was a really interesting concept but it was just average in all honesty. I like really dark villains and after reading Now I Rise by Keirsten White this was incredibly weak for villains.

I did enjoy the different takes from the authors and some of the creative ideas that came from it but I think some of the prompts were unbeliveably simple and boring. The lack of creativity in some of the stories really did let the overall of this anthology down. I struggle to see that when you have such a cool opportunity that you pick a basic fairy tale.

The first story in this was maybe one of the most creative because it was an original idea and I can see the downfall of this being that you don’t get a full picture. I loved You You, It’s All About you again because of the original concept but Adam Silvera did such a good job of it and this coming from me who did not like More Happy Than Not. The best retelling was certainly The Sea Witch, you could tell it was a prequel to The Little Mermaid. I love how we see Ursula in a completely different light and how Marissa Meyer did such a good job of conveying a world and setting in such a short story.

My favourite was Shirley & Jim which was a spin of Sherlock Homes and a look at the young Moriarty. It was just such a breath of fresh air and it was a simple story but I just really liked how it was done.

The most unique story much have been beautiful venom which was a diverse take on medusa. It was such a cool Asian twist that felt so authentic and well researched. Will definitely be looking out for Cindy Pon’s books.

I don’t want to say the stories I didn’t like but would I say it’s worth a read? Yes, but for full prince, I’m unsure.


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