Now I Rise by Kiersten White Review

So  I’ve been away for a while. Don’t know if anyone has noticed? But I haven’t actually written anything in about 2/3 months. I used to use scheduled uploads and it just became too much for me. My priorities were just out of wack so I’m going to write when I feel like it and release it as soon as I finish writing it.

Sooooo I think it took me about a month to read this book even though I was really excited for it. I did take me write a while to read Now I Rise and I could kick myself for not getting to that book because I loved how dark and twisted it was. Especially as it was a YA book and Now I Rise kept this dark feel which I really loved.

God, I’m so out of practice with this….

So the book really takes a while to pick up because there’s a lot of political maneuvering in the world. What was really interesting is that we get two points of view that you will understand if you finished the first book.

There’s a lot of emotions and difficulties that our characters face. We finally do get to see the raw brutality of Lada in this book to represent the infamous Vlad the Impaler, but more interestingly we get her justification. It’s sort of hard not to be on her side when her justifications makes sense for the most part and that we get to be so close to her and in her head makes it difficult to fight against her. I don’t know about you but I always love the antihero (Deadpool for instance).

Radu is still the hardest character for me to make my mind up about. But he has such a change throughout this story after some events and that really makes him such a full character. I am upset about his choice at the end because I thought he had finally seen things for what they are but he is always fighting with his loyalty.

I am very interested to see where things are going in the next book because I can only imagine the insanity to ensue. I honestly cannot believe that this is only a trilogy because I can really imagine so many more books. I don’t know if this is because I went away and tried to learn about Vlad himself and seeing his life and all the shenanigans that he got up to made me realise just how much more could happen.

So I think that’s me! I actually wrote something!

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you have fun in whatever you’re doing


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