Lord of Shadows – New Blog Style

So I’ve been pretty unmotivated to write blogs recently. Part of that is due to my favourite bloggers not being able to post so I don’t feel that drive to respond. And secondly I have a new hobby that has taken over my life. Crochet…. I’ve spent some time trying to combine these two loves and come to something that has fulfilled me.

Lord of Shadows full shot.JPG

So here is what I think is a rather pretty crochet/book picture that I took. I’ve not spoken about Lord of Shadows because I didn’t like it. For me it just fell so flat and I never wanted to pick it up. I loved Lady Midnight because of how fresh and well written he plot was but it was all so lackluster for me in this sequel.

I still like the characters and relationships but some of it was quite unnecessary. I was surprised by the ending but didn’t really have an emotional reaction to it. The third book isn’t due to 2019 I believe but I’ll be 22/23 then and I might be too old for it….. Does anyone else get that feeling?

On a more positive not I am SO excited for her other series, mostly the Magnus Bane novels. I love Shadowhunters, I love the world and characters and I always will but at some stage I fear I may have to leave it behind.

So for the crochet portion. Even if you don’t like crochet then that’s fine, I’m not going into technicalities because I am not very skilled. But here is a little portrait of Church the cat I made.


Problem was that I know Church is dark grey with yellow eyes but trying to portray that in this craft is quite hard. I also wanted to a scornful Church but being unable to do that I thought about how Church reacts to Jem and Jace then this would be alright.

Also something else I have’t shared is the fact that I keep a journal of the books I read. This is my entry for Lord of Shadows, feel free to read.

Lord of shadows journal shotLord of Shadows journal entry

I tend to use this journal as a short snappy note idea. It means I can go back and look at what I thought. I know I have my reviews on my blog but there’s just something so appealing about the physical format and feeling like I am creating a catalogue. It also means that people can look through it and see what I’ve read and a brief summary of what I thought.

Well guys let me know what you thought of Lord of Shadows and also what you thought of the new style.


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