Homemade Bookmarks

So today I thought I would share something that is cute and adorable. I have a love/hate relationship with bookmarks.

I read a mix of books and comics so I always require multiple bookmarks but that means that I end up having millions everywhere and inevitably lose them. I love the trend of making your own bookmarks and I’v tried the watercolour and colouring in and design making but  just don’t have the artistic prowess to do so.

I’m hoping that these will act as my cute bookmarks and with how quick and simple they are to make, if I lose or ruin them then I can quickly whip up some more.

I cam across these on Fiber Flux’s youtube channel (link to video) and I just couldn’t not make them. I also then thought…. why can’t I do it with hearts. The peach and crem flowers are my favourite.

Anyway, short post but thought it would be something fun.

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