Hand Made Book Sleeves

I’ve been putting off doing this because I constantly have one of these in the works that I want to wait until it’s finished before showing them off but enough is enough.

So book sleeves have been pretty popular lately and with my new crocheting skill I thought why not make some myself.

So here I am showing them off because I’m actually really fond of them. For anyone who crochet I’ll tell you the wool and stitch. These are all made with a 4.5mm hook and measure roughly 16cm by 30 cm. Seems like odd dimensions but I’ve found it by trial and error.

Suzette Stitch

Stylecraft special Grass Green

The green on this really doesn’t come up well on camera but in real life it’s such a rich green.

Half trebble crochet  (uk)

Stylecraft special Clematis

Block stitch

Stylecraft special Parchment

Stylecraft special Turquoise

Waffle stitch

DK Choice with Wool Multifleck

Cobble Stitch

DK Choice with Wool Rose Marl

Made a mess of this one and is certainly my least favourite.
Mini Bean Stitch

Stylecraft special Raspberry

This is definitely my favourite

That’s all folks.

I would love to see any book sleeves that you have!


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