Life Update – Exams

So today you should be getting a comic book Monday and I appologise because I come with news of no content.

I am in my final year of university and final exams and I thought I could up to date with content but alas it’s not to be. I am really struggling to finish a book and I can’t even promise book reviews but I do want to.

There are so many new book releases and I really want to read them but unfortunately I have no time. I am currently reading Code Name Verity and I love it but it’s been over a week and I’m near the end but it’s still going to take some time.

I finish up on the 2nd of May (ACOWAR release) which is amazing timing and although I’ll still be busy I’ll be ready to come back to my blog. You may get some book reviews but that’s probably it till then. May will probably be quite a big catch up month and I really appreciate all of you who support me.

I graduate in June and it’s the biggest accomplishment of my life and start my dream job in August. That means moving. My life is a mess at the moment but I hope you enjoy the journey with me and that you are all doing well.

To those of you with exams now or coming up then good luck, and believe in yourself, all you can do is your best and if you can look in the mirror and know that then there’s nothing else people can expect of you. To those of you enjoying reading and loving all the new releases then I hope your adventures and true and fun and that your world will continue to expand.

I look forward to coming back to you, but for now; that’s all folks!

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