Comic Book Monday #6 – Avengers and Batman – The Struggle

avengersThe Avengers are dead — long live the Avengers! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — Captain America, Thor, Vision and Iron Man — are living separate lives,
not tied to any team. But when a threat from beyond the stars targets our world, fate draws them together again, alongside a group of young adventurers who will reinvigorate the Avengers like never before! Welcome to the big leagues, Nova, Ms. Marvel and Miles “Spider-Man” Morales! But as Warbringer makes good on his name, the reassembled Avengers struggle to put their differences aside. One among them may find their membership short-lived, but two are definitely getting along — when passions flare between Captain America and Thor, it leads to Earth’s Mightiest Kiss! But who is the familiar villain pulling the Avengers’ strings?

Issues 1-6

Published 20th April 2016

Read on 3rd April

Try It – 3 stars

batman 1

Madness and mayhem hit the streets as both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison unleash their prisoners upon the helpless citizens of Gotham. And with no Dark Knight to protect the city, what horrors will follow? Arkham and Blackgate face off in this series featuring Scarecrow, The Penguin, Bane, Killer Croc, and more.
Writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN & ROBIN) brings you FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR, detailing the battle for Gotham City in the midst of the epic crossover event FOREVER EVIL from comics superstars Geoff Johns and David Finch.

Collects various to create a story arch

Published 23rd September 2014

Read 6th to 7th April

Skip it – 1.5 stars (this is so close to a burn it)

batman 2A NEW YORK TIMES #1 Bestseller In “The Black Mirror,” a series of brutal murders pushes Batman’s detective skills to the limit and forces him to confront one of Gotham City’s oldest evils. Helpless and trapped in the deadly Mirror House, Batman must fight for his life against one of Gotham City’s oldest and most powerful evils!

Then, in a second story called “Hungry City,” the corpse of a killer whale shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City’s foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face-to-face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham.

This volume collects Detective Comics #871-881

Published 5th March 2013

Read 8th to 10th April

Skip It – 2.5 stars

All of these books remind me why I have pretty much exclusively switched to Indie comics. These were all so mediocre, boring, and just not my thing. I also tried reading Superman again this week, and guess what? STILL HATE HIM. This is just such a rubbish comic week that I’m really upset about it.

The problem is, when I read bad comics it makes me not want to read comics, so to have 3 in a row has just made me not want to touch one. And that’s not what I want at all!

So starting with the best out of a bad bunch. So I did enjoy The Avengers when I read it but its super forgettable. I think I enjoyed that it was such a different cast to the stereotypical ‘Avengers’ franchise. It’s like they’re trying to be more inclusive and diverse ever since the hit success of Ms. Marvel. And I did enjoy it. I read the female Thor comic a while back and found myself really enjoying it. I don’t know if I will continue with this as it has just gone completely out of my head.

I din’t even want to discuss Forever Evil because t just reminds me of the bat times where there’s no Batman and more importantly that Dick Grayson (Nightwing) hasn’t taken over. I love Nightwing. He’s one of my favourite characters, I swear I will read a review one of those comics on my blog soon (I just need to brave sorting my comic collection at my parents house. I like Bane, I do like him as a villain, and I will admit it was refreshing not to have Joker but this was just an awful story line with him. It just lacked any kind of sense and sigh, I hated it.

So, technically I didn’t finish Black Mirror but I read most of it and that was enough for me. I got up to the stuff with James and it was just much worse than that of Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection (review here). It was just such an unappealing jarring art style, and in all honesty it just made me miss Chew, because that is just a better comic in every way. Scott Snyder is one of the biggest Batman writers and every time I pick up his work, I just don’t know if it’s going to be gold or a huge pile of disappointment.

I don’t want to give up DC or Marvel comics because I love comics like Batgirl, Aquaman, and Nighwing. I love the b-listers. I know I sound like the biggest Hipster in the world, and it really pains me to be like that but the comics that are smaller and have the freedom to write a full-length story ark are just much better than the hotshots who are forced to produce a comic every month (sometimes 2 in Batman’s case) just create such a poor 3-5 story and for someone that loves character development and plot. 3 COMICS IS NOT ENOUGH!

I hope your reading week has been going better than mine. I want to pick up the next installments of Y the Last Man to hopefully bring me back into the comic mood.

That’s all folks!

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