Comic Book Monday #5 – Y the Last Man and Guardians of the Galaxy

So I’ve been really enjoying the book I’m reading and haven’t really felt the need to read any of my comics. So I’ve read 2 this week. One is a massive indie comic staple by one of the biggest indie names, and the other was a hidden gem series until the film came along. So a little bit of polar opposites going on.

y the last man 1“Y” is none other than unemployed escape artist Yorick Brown (his father was a Shakespeare buff), and he’s seemingly the only male human left alive after a mysterious plague kills all Y-chromosome carriers on earth. But why are he and his faithful companion, the often testy male monkey Ampersand, still alive? He sets out to find the answer (and his girlfriend), while running from angry female Republicans (now running the government), Amazon wannabes that include his own sister (seemingly brainwashed), and other threats. The Vertigo team of Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, and José Marzán Jr. have given us a great read!

Issues 1-5

Published 2nd January 2003

Read on 29th March

Must Read – 5 stars

Back protectin’ the universe from the scum of the cosmos! guardians of the galaxy 4-1Peter Quill has abandoned the Guardians and his role as Star-Lord to be Emperor of the Spartax. Rocket didn’t wait a single minute to take the reins and become team leader of Drax, Venom, Groot, Kitty Pryde (A.K.A. Star Lady?) and new Guardian Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’ Thing!

Issues 1-5

Published 13th April 2016

Read on 29th March

Should Read – 4 stars

So this is probably the 3rd time reading Y the Last Man, and each time I read it I realise just how interesting and well thought-out and original it is. I have read quite a few of Brian K. Vaughan’s other works but this still holds it’s place as number 1. This is a must read for all comic fans especially those interested in indie comics. Over the recent years it appears that Saga has taken over the pinnacle of indie comics but in my mind that will always belong to Y the Last Man and Fables.

So I had read the old original comics a long time ago and after the films I fell in love with these characters. So when I see any comics of this series at the library then I will always pick them up. I really enjoyed this, it’s such a fun and quirky series with absolutely beautiful art. This may seem like a weird thing to pick up on, but I love the use of double page spreads. I have never found a comic (except maybe Chew) that uses double pages so frequently and it just works so well for this series. It’s a si-fi and the worlds and scope are just so well captured in the artistic decisions.

So not a lot of reading but I did enjoy what I’ve read and I have a full shelf to pick from. I don’t know how much I’ll get to read as exams are coming up and assignments and studying are now my priority.

What’s some of your favourite comics/graphic novels.

So that’s all folks!

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