The Crowns Game by Evelyn Skye  

Series: I couldn’t quite understand how this is a series but I suppose I’ll read on. It almost a perfect stand-alone but it didn’t quite contain the perfect wrapped up ending.

Book: I really enjoying this but it did take me a while to get into it. I’ve been interested in this book since it came out and I haven’t really read any of the reviews or hype associated with it and that was quite a good way for me to go into it.

Brief Opinion 7/10

I find it hard to score this any higher because it was good but it just flowed really differently. It took so long to introduce the characters and the magic system and the limitations and how it fully worked. There were also a lot of characters and elements going on and it was hard to keep track of especially Nicolai and Pasha because they just seemed so similar. I also had some serious issues with the style of the competition and how long it took but also how quickly some things happened. I really wish that this book had no romantic elements

Full Review


The characters were very flat in my opinion. I didn’t like Nicolai, he was just so obsessed with being recognised and being great but he never bothered to do anything else but be an enchanter and it would appear not to have the same gusto as Vika. I also don’t like Vika; she’s too all over the place and headstrong. Pasha is just another issue altogether; he’s charming at points but acts like a young boy in another. The worst part I’ve found about the characters is mainly thinking too in depth about them. On the surface they’re fine but this review is making me dislike them more and more.


I really wish there was no romantic element to this. Partly because I’m so sick of damn love triangles, squares, pentagrams! Ugh, just stop it! I could get on board with one focus but I just think this book would have excelled more with some really good friendships.


So I have been seeking out books that aren’t set in the USA and although I don’t have the same level of love for Russia it was good. There was a nice feel of Russia but the historical aspect was very minor.


I liked the story but it took quite a while for it to unfold and to bring together all the good elements contained in this. I did find that the other element brought in was completely pointless and should have been left out. It was ridiculous and completely out of place. I don’t know if it’s important for the future books but I really didn’t like it.


There really isn’t much plot to this to be honest. It is more a story focus and I’m struggling to see a future to the series but perhaps there will be more in the future.


The writing was fine; I’m not that big a writing person but it did read quite well and did keep me engaged when it got going.


I don’t know…… there was the Tsar but he wasn’t a villain in the truest sense and then the other element brought in wasn’t really a villain. So the story was more about the competition and the focus being on Nicolai and Vika.

I’m not sure that I can recommend this in all honesty. If you think the premise sound interesting then I don’t think you will be disappointed but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.


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