Gotham City Sirens, Volume 1: Union by Paul Dini (Writer), Guillem March (Illustrator), Dustin Nguyen (Illustrator), Scott Lobdell (Writer) Issues 1-7

So a friend recommended this to me 7 years ago…… yup, I have issues but a damn good memory.


The story was mediocre; there wasn’t really anything to it. It was just sort of the generic fight the bad guy. The element that made it interesting to me was that it was Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn together. That was the dynamic that made it interesting.


I didn’t like the art at the beginning but I think the illustrator must have changed because then I really enjoyed it. It’s still the sexy woman trend but it’s DC it isn’t going to change as a whole. (Want a change; look to the new batgirl). I did love the cover art as a overall trend though. It was nice to have more of the focus on these three characters.


I love these characters and that’s pretty much the reason I wanted to read this. There isn’t anything unique and you don’t really get back story so you’ll have to know the characters if you want to read this.


The writing is kind of average, it reminded me why I switch to Indie comics. It’s just sort of a monthly story that you tell and then move on and it’s not really all that interesting.

I’ll be honest, I don’t recommend this. If you love Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman, then year read it but you’re reading it for them. If not, skip it; there’s much better comics and stories out there.

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