Empire of the Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Ok, so I hated this book so there’s your warning for this review. I will try and put this into words in the least negative way possible. I’m not going to do my usual breakdown but instead shall bullet point because I doubt anyone is going to read this and I’m probably going to get some hate for it. So here we go!

  1. It took me two weeks to read……. books normally take a week max.
  2. There is so much fan service in this book, everyone has to get paired up, so many relationships are going on and somehow everyone is with each other? It’s just ridiculous.
  3. People have got over things too quick and they make it seem like such a distant memory. It makes no sense.
  4. Everything is hidden and just magically happens and there’s plans and a plot but it doesn’t really count when the author hides absolutely everything. That’s a really unpleasant way to unwind a story and plot.
  5. THE CONSTANT REFERENCE TO THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE!!!!! This is apparently the most important book in the goddamned series!!!! IF IT WAS SO IMPORTANT WHY WAS IT NOVELLAS; traditionally known for just adding to the story but this was now integral to the whole series!? Not a fan.
  6. 600 pages of build up…. are you kidding me! This book did not have to be this long.
  7. Everything is impossible and everything keeps stacking!
  8. Magically saved every single time!
  9. Aelin is all powerful and immortal until need me and it really important for her to come through.
  10. Too many villains. Seriously, where was this going, the focus just kept switching.
  11. Too many points of inquiry, suddenly the next this was THE MOST IMPORTANT but wait; why is this important?
  12. I didn’t want to ever pick this book back up; it basically put me into a book slump; a mini one but I have never struggled to read or pick up books and this truly was a good show that I didn’t enjoy this story.

I really didn’t like this. It was just ridiculous and so far removed from what I originally enjoyed when I started out. I don’t know I went from loving Queen of Shadows so much to the sheer hatred of Empire of the Storms.

I really don’t want to discuss this. If you have comments or want to berate me then that’s fine but I just don’t think this book was for me but maybe it”s suited to everyone else.

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