Rat Queens: Saas & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Writer), Roc Upchurch (Illustrator) Issues 1-5

I’m on a really big comic kick at the moment so you’re probably going to have to get used to my comic reviews because they’re some of my favourite to write.


I actually really enjoyed this story, it’s really witty and funny but is a lot more adult. I like that it’s mercenaries because it means you have the ability to have multiple story lines with another overarching story line which keeps it interesting. It was quite spontaneous but there is some exploration into the characters and the history. It’s well done and really fun to read especially as a female because you’ve got female friendships, fighting and strong women, and just a real layer of inclusion.


I really like this art style, it does remind me of Saga which is good because that’s highly praised for the art. I love the character design and the diversity, the colours used are also really appealing but how the characters are designed makes them really stand out so your eye is drawn to the main action. The backgrounds have been quite plain but still really well done but I would like to get into some more unique settings to see more from the illustrator.


We have 4 main characters and at first I thought one or two would steal the show but it’s done really well where each has their own turn. You can clearly see the different personalities going on and I really enjoy that. I also really like how they interact with each other and I’m looking forward to getting to know their backgrounds. We do see some character development but it’s very minor but has potential to grow and be great.


This is the best part of it. It’s super funny but also has a layer of crudeness but it doesn’t go overboard. It’s very brunt but doesn’t apologise for it and I really enjoy that because it suits the characters and the story. I haven’t read anything by the writer before but he has a nother series called peter Panzerfaust that I may look to pick up just to read more of him.


Also another thing I loved about this is that in the individual issues there’s content at the end that has a Q & A and fan art and fan creations and I think that’s such a good way to engage with the community.

What was the last comic you read?

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