Empire of the Storms by Sarah J. Maas Playlist

Ok, spoiler alert…. I hated this book, so this is a mix of songs I think suit the book and some that I felt suited the dislike I held.

Here we go.

Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm

This is a really badass song sang by a rock band with a badass female front woman. So I think this suits Aelin and why it was my first choice.

Thrash Real by Against Me!

This is also about a woman doing whatever the hell she wants, it does have some negative connotations but I think the overall message fits well.

Savior by Rise Against

Well this is a reflection of saving the world so it fits.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This is more an atmosphere thing where it just fits into the overall series and how can you say no to queen?

Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold

There are a lot of royalty in this book so this song captures that section.

Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro

This is one of my favourite songs in this playlist and I think this captures the mood and setting of the book really well in that it has the overall sullen feel to it.

Long Road to Ruin by Foo Fighters 

This book is ridiculously long and felt like it would never end!

Here Comes my Man by Gaslight Anthem

I originally thought of this to represent the huge romantic focus of this book but every time Rowan showed up this just made me realise how perfectly suited it was for their relationship.

Playing God by Paramore

There are so many people trying to make decisions for the greater good and I just got really sick of it.

Diamond Eyes by Shinedown

This was a song for Expendables and I think this song really captures the battle scene at the end of this book.

Hate my Life by Theory of a Deadman

This is how I felt every time I picked the book up and I think since it’s my playlist I need this song because singing this releases a lot of the anger I feel in any instance.


So that’s me. Are there any songs that you relate to specific books?

Beware there are some explicit songs in this:


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