Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench by Geoff Johns (Author), Ivan Reis (Illustrator), Joe Prado (Illustrator)

I really like Aquaman, he’s pretty badass even though he gets a lot of abuse for it. I like how different it is compared to a  lot of the other heroes in the DC world. I also really like his relationship with Mera because she’s really awesome.


I liked this story because you got the backstory mixed in with the current story. I like how it was something different but still linking it in with Atlantis. There wasn’t much in depth to do with the plot but I think it was there as a starting point in order for Aquaman to find out what happened to Atlantic to cause it to sink. That is more the arc I’m interested in so I’m looking forward to reading on.


This is the more traditional comic style with the accentuated proportions but I like how the art style in everything else is and the colour and shading. I also like the uniqueness of the creatures and how that also tells a story.


I really enjoyed just having two main characters, it allowed a better backstory and character history and a real focus on how they deal with situations. I really like Aquaman in this and his relationship with Mera because you get a glimpse of who she used to be as well as what has remained even though she had left from Atlantis.


Aquaman has a much darker personality in this and I think it works well. You still have the same Aquaman jokes but it displays people’s overall opinion but you can see the writer wants to change this where he puts Aquaman in dangerous situations and succeed and protects and you can see the new respect he begins to gain. I liked Mera’s abrasive personality and it’s quite stark against normal societies.


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