Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Book: I really enjoyed this and it flew by. Everyone should read this especially if they’ve been putting it off.

Brief Opinion 9/10

I’m not normally the biggest fan of contemporaries but I really liked the style of it and also the relationships. I liked the different spin on it but there was a lot of suspended disbelief.  I like Maddy but due to her situation she is incredibly naïve and lacking life experience, this makes her seem much younger and as such I found it harder to relate to her. I think with how quick the story went it made it really enjoyable. It’s hard to write a lot because it’s just an enjoyable story.

Full Review


There are the two main characters of Maddy and Olly but with a prominent feature of Maddy’s mum and her nurse Carla. The most disappointing aspect of this book is how much Carla seems to be more like her mum. I think this develops more throughout the story and I can sort of deal with this relationship.

However, I do like Olly and he has to deal with a lot in terms of his family but also Maddy, he is pretty awesome but. I’m still unsure about Maddy but I hope she gets to live a better life and experience a lot more things.


It’s sweet and simple and I like that they’re both there for each other. I don’t think it’s very developed but there wasn’t instalove, I don’t know, it was really strange.


It pretty much took place in a bubble house so there wasn’t really much in the way of setting.


I liked the story and the different take on the contemporary, I liked how that then developed the relationships and the influence it had. I enjoyed the quirkiness of the story and the different themes present.


This was the highlight for me. I loved the style and the changes. It really made the story fly by and I continuously wanted to keep reading.

I know this is a really short review but I think you just need to read it, it’s hard to convince you because you need to go on the journey.



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