All-New Inhumans, Vol. 1: Global Outreach by Charles Soule, James Asmus (Author), Stefano Caselli (Illustrations)

So I sort of picked this up on a whim and although I did enjoy it the comic sort of assumed you knew who the group was and the backstory that it felt like you had picked up midway though the series which was strange because it was the beginning of a new series. I would probably give this a 3.75/5 for that reason.


Sot his is like X-men turned alien. It’s got the same idea of mutations which a lot of the Marvel Universe follows but instead the mutation is triggered by an alien cloud. I like the different twist and how different the powers are but the story focus on recruiting ‘Inhumans’ and it sort of gets weird when we get to a dictatorship run country and that was really weird.


I really liked the art and especially from the perspective having the different body types and ethnicity. I really liked the diversity, we never had the anime women and the the really buff overachieving guys. That was one of my favourite aspects of the comic but I also liked the colour and the art style in general.


I really liked the diversity and the powers and the characters in general but there were a lot so it made it hard to get to know each individual one. I do hope to continue on this series so hopefully I’ll get to know them as it goes on.


I enjoyed the writing but it was very full on and was definitely the focal point of the story which was nice because I sometimes find that comics shy away from this especially in the main stream publications.

So I’ve been trying to read some more diverse comics and I think this was a good choice and I do want to continue reading it in the future so that’s a positive.


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