Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

So I don’t often feature comics on my blog and I don’t know why because I’m a huge comic book fan. From DC to Marvel, to Indie. I’ll pretty much pick anything but noire up.

I think I’ve avoided it because what I would have to say would be really short and I usually break my reviews down so I’ll try keeping it short but include the main elements that I think make up comics.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Issues 1-4 by Cullen Bunn (Author), Dalibor Talajic (Illustrator)


So the title is pretty indicative of the story. Deadpool pretty much goes out a kills every hero and villain he can find. So naturally there’s a LOT of cameos in this. You get the avengers, to Punisher, Green Goblin, to Wolverine, there’s a lot. It’s pretty cool from that perspective but the story is pretty thin overall. Deadpool has gone crazy, he’s more a death loving psychopath in this story compared to a fun loving lunatic. I enjoyed it overall but I do love Deadpool.


The cover is absolutely beautiful, I really love the style and although it is not quite the same throughout I did enjoy the art.


You don’t get a lot of the characters but there’s a lot of them. It’s kind of cool to have everyone you know all together. My marvel knowledge is lacking in comparison to DC but I do know a lot of the characters that appeared making me think it was more of a mainstream appeal.


I never got the witty Deadpool that I prefer but due to the craziness that’s kind of expected. I did enjoy it though.

So, what do you think? Do you like having a comic review or is it too overwhelming in terms of me possibly having 5 pieces of content per week?

Would it fit better on a completely different blog?

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