Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Series: I’m interested in the series but it’s gone in a direction I assumed we would get but much sooner.

Book: I never really knew what I was going into; I knew it was a dystopian but I never knew it was on Mars or anything like the class system. When I started reading I never knew where it was going to go but I was pleasantly surprised by this and it kept me engaged. The problem I usually have with dystopians is that it’s so obvious but this book has done it in such a good way.

Brief Opinion 7/10

There are so many elements to get your head around in this and the paradigm keeps shifting. I never knew what was going to happen next and that’s really enjoyable for me as I usually know twist and turns in the books that I read. The beginning was incredibly slow and the book never really made me want to keep reading but the strategy and politics kept me going. It did pick up and I read the last half in about a quarter of the time the first half took me.

Full Review


There are so many characters with such weird names and then they get nicknames and I really struggled to hold onto who was who. I like the idea of the nicknames but then chopping and changing between the two just made it really ahrd. This was the beginning for the characters so there wasn’t a huge deal of development. The dynamic kept shifting and I think that was the characters themselves growing and changing.

In terms of Darrow, he’s an arrogant sod and I don’t quite see how he’s suddenly so incredible; it’s just a bit over the top for me. I think he shouldn’t be the greatest but perhaps the underdog because the book constantly tries to make him out to be that but when you’re in Darrow’s head it’s not like that.


It wasn’t the focal point even though at the beginning it seems like it will be and the romantic elements are very minor.


I love Mars; I have a weird obsession with it after reading The Martian by Andy Weir so I was ecstatic when I started reading and we were set on Mars. I like the idea of the setting but it did feel so like Earth and I sort of forgot it was Mars until someone mentioned it. I understand that Mars is meant to be like Earth so humans can live but I would have preferred a bit of a shake up especially considering how little we get to explore.


I story feels like three separate stories. You think that it’s going one way then it changes and changes again. I really enjoyed it personally due to the types of books I notmally read this offered me something completely different.


I really like the plot; it is intricate and well thought out. The elements of strategy are really enjoyable and overall it is looking to be a really good and rich plot. I do worry that it will fall apart due to the goal of the character but with the strength of the first book I really hope not.


I struggled with the writing as there seems to be so many elements to it, it was poetic, then brutal, then metaphorical and it just really messed with my head. There are some authors that you just fly through and will read anything they put out but for me I’m only sticking around due to the story because that’s my interest. I will probably read this no matter the quality of the writing just like I did with Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy.


MEH. Seriously, I need a good Villain soon that isn’t all about power! It worked for the story because it’s all centered around power but if you know any book with a good well developed villain that has a motive for more than power then please, tell me!


So I thought we would have gotten to the ending point of the story much sooner, so I don’t think it’s very far in considering the time scales the book is talking about; I’m just worry that we are going to have massive time skips.

Have any of you read this? What did you think? Have a review; leave a link in the comments down below!

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