Playlist – Red Rising by Pierce Brown

So I love music and I love concerts and I listen to music while reading and I find that I relate certain songs to books and I thought it may be interesting to share what I listened to in the form of an album? I also will explain why I think they relate to the book without spoiling it too much.

Also; warning, my music taste is rock and metal but I’ve tried not to make it too heavy or obscure so it appeals to a wider audience.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under the Bridge

There’s maybe two lines that i think perfectly fit into this story

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner” and “I don’t wanna eve feel like I did that day”. And that just sort of fits with the story.

Feeder – Feeling a moment

This is more of the atmosphere of the song seeming to work well with the story.

ACDC – Highway to Hell

Darrow goes through a lot and I think his struggle deserve a badass song.

Shinedown – How did you love?

Darrow has a very strong love for his wife and I think this is the best way to represent this element.

Alter Bridge – Addicted to Pain

There’s a lot of brutality in this book and in all honesty it needs to be represented.

Young Guns – At the Gates

Darrow has to be strong in his mentality and take on an impossible task and it just seems like he’s on his own.

Anberlin – Feel Good Drag

Again, it seems like the songs atmosphere fits the book.

Red – Pieces

This band reminds me of mars and I think that due to this and the name of the band I had to pick a song from them.

Ben Cocks – So Cold

The song doesn’t really fit the book and the plot but the sense of abandon is something I think does represent the story.

Matt Corby – Brother

This is a reference and if you’ve read the book you’ll understand and if you read it then about half way through you’ll understand why I picked this dong.

Motorhead – Sympathy for the devil

Again this is more of a reference because Darrow has to make friends with someone and a society he hates and he gains a different perspective and I think this fits.

I also created a playlist on Spotify for easy listening. There are  some explicit songs so beware.


So what did you think? Did you like this feature? Are there any books you would want me to make a playlist for?


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