The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Adieh

There will be spoilers for the Wrath and the Dawn contained in this review.

Series: This is a must read series especially being only 2 books and being quite short and easy to fly through.

Book: This is still such a good book but for me I don’t think it’s as good as The Wrath and The Dawn but it’s really close.

Brief Opinion 8/10

I really enjoyed this and the greater exploration of the fantastical elements and the world building. I did prefer The Wrath and the Dawn because it was a more focussed story but I did enjoy getting to see the characters develop but I missed the relationship between Khalid and Shazi. There were a lot more characters focussed on but that was due to the sacrifice of the previous characters. There were a lot of perspective and I enjoyed that but I can understand why some wouldn’t because it can get to be a bit much.

Full Review


I love these characters and I’m upset that this is all we get of them because I would want so much more but I would rather want more than wish the author had gave up before. I did like the multiple perspectives because they created an air or mystery and keeps the story interesting and unique. You get to see the major characters from the previous book grow and the minor characters definitely have more focus in this book. I did enjoy the characters but I missed the relationships and how he characters you had got to know so well from the previous book took such a backseat.


So I love Shazi and Khalid but there wasn’t enough of their relationship for me but due to the setting it was understandable.

There were some other romantic relationships in this but they were minor but you still wish happiness for these characters.


The same as the last book I love this setting, it’s so different and well done that I just love being in the world and experiencing something new.


The story was still exceptional and led on well from the prior book. It really was a different story dealing with a different issue. I did enjoy it but again I think the first books focus was more interesting.


There were a lot of different elements to this and you could tell that the author thought everything through and there were plenty of twist and turns. It did start off slow and it actually created the plot I did ask for so I was really pleased. I enjoyed not knowing what was going on and how it continuously built. It created an overall really interesting and satisfying story.


I really love the writing and I can’t explain why I love it so much but I really want to read more from Renee Adieh whenever she releases more books because it’s just so well done with plenty of detail but not overwhelmingly so.


This wasn’t the main focus of the story for me and was overall just fine.


This was such a satisfying end to a book and the series and it left me wanting more but I’m more than happy to leave these characters in the situation we got.

Have you read this and how did you find it compared to The Wrath and the Dawn?

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