The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

Series: I’m interested in the series but I’m glad at the amount of information and the end point of the first book.

Book: I enjoyed this but it wasn’t what I expected. I knew it was a retelling but I never imagined the twists involved and the take on the fairy tale.

Brief Opinion 7/10

I really did enjoy this book and would recommend it to people. I wanted to read it nearer to its release date but there was a lot of negativity towards it and I think it was unfair. In the retelling category it is not the first I would reach for but it is still unique and interesting, however, a bit slow. I think there is enough of a reimagining of Snow White to make it worthwhile and although I prefer the lunar chronicle I think it’s got better retelling elements to Winter.

Full Review


There feel like a lot of characters in this book and I think it’s down to the number of perspectives that we get. But there are really only 4/5 main characters and you get enough development but I’m hoping for it to develop more throughout the series. I really liked how strong Lorelai was and how much she stood up for herself and just did things that she knew she had to without complaining.


It’s alright but a bit predictable and rushed but fair enough. I don’t know how it’s going to work in later books but there’s definitely the ability for it to build.


I really enjoyed the world and how there’s more kingdoms to explore and they all hold a unique trait and there will be hopefully be more exploration of this and integration.


It is slow and there’s a lot to it and a lot of jumping around and different elements to it that did allow it to steadily build but it wasn’t what I was expecting. The level of fantasy was more than I was expecting but I love fantasy so it was a really pleasant surprise.


It was a pretty typical plot of a queen trying to take back her throne from an evil queen but it’s a retelling so it’s hard to get away from that retelling,


It was interesting and I liked the different styles that conveyed what was happening but the voices did start to meld together.


Typical evil queen.


So I was happy with the ending because I was worried that it was going to get dragged out over multiple books but there’s a lot more that can happen and I’m interested to see what might happen.

This is sorter than my usual reviews but it’s just a good book that people should read because it’s hard to sometimes write a review for a retelling.

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