The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Series: I’m interested in this series and the fact that it’s a duology makes it better. I can’t wait to continue onto the next book.

Book: I really enjoyed this and flew by it; it was so different and interesting and a really unique take on the original story. You have to read this.

Brief Opinion 9/10

It started pretty slow and unpleasant and there was a lot to get your head around. I was waiting to see the difference in the story and how it stuck true to the original. The setting and culture and the time period make it all really interesting and it feels so true to reality.

Full Review


The characters really built throughout the story and I like the headstrong Shazi and Despina but Tariq was awful; I didn’t like the other perspectives out with the palace. It was a slow burn in terms of warming up to the characters


So I was a bit iffy on this because I was set on someone’s side and then it changed and then I was confused and didn’t know if I was allowed to like the relationship and it’s all rather confusing.


I love this, I love how different it was and the time period and the culture and how much was built around it and you could tell how much the author knew about it and described it. Normally I don’t like a lot of description but this had just enough to really set the scene because it was so unfamiliar. I really enjoyed getting to explore the palace even though it was limited I think it was best because of how unusual a setting it is and it breaks you in possibly for some more exploration next book.


The story is based on Arabian Nights and I love how it still felt true to it. It’s an interesting story but does have its own twist and I really enjoyed the take on it. I got sucked into it and the motives and the pacing and how things built. I enjoyed that it wasn’t rushed but didn’t drag out.


The plot felt rather thin at the beginning due to it being a retelling I think but I’m still not sure what the goal is any more because it has all getting a bit muddled due to motives and the ending. Nothing was explicitly decided but there are a few implicit that I don’t know if that’s what they are aiming towards? I think it has plenty of time to flesh out in the second book but it needs more of a goal in that sense because it’s not quite there for me yet.


I really enjoyed the writing because of how light it was and the atmosphere it conveyed. It made me want to continue reading or pick it back up. I really think it was this combined with the story that made it so good overall.


I really don’t know, there were a lot of twists and turns and by the end everything had flipped on its head. I did enjoy that there was more behind the motives and that you got to delve into the characters more. I think things will be shaken up again in the next book and I’m really looking forward to it.


So I’m annoyed at the ending because it ended. I accept it was a suitable stopping place but I didn’t want the book to end or go in the direction it was now heading even though it was inevitable. I need to know what happens after this.

Have you read this and did you love it as much as me? Let me know your feelings and thoughts in the comments.

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