The Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Series: I think if you’re a fan of Harry Potter and magical schools then this will be right up your alley but I don’t think it will age particularly well like Harry Potter due to the length of the books. It’s not Harry Potter and the magic and everything is different but it certainly has feelings of it.

Book: This book is pretty good and short and light so if you’re looking for something to tide you over this may be the book for it. It feels a little like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians in that sense.

Brief Opinion 6/10

I can’t really give it a higher rating as it is a bit young for me but the magic is interesting and the story is too much there are some weird twists and revelations that make it a little confusing and you don’t know how it’s going to work out. I read this because I just couldn’t find anything else to read. I had started 6 books and this is the only one that stuck so that shows how easy it is to get into it. This book is not Harry Potter but I think fans of Harry Potter would enjoy this.

Full Review


The character development isn’t great. You have three main chaarcters which is nice but the revelations about them and their past feel forced and there because at some point you need to know something about them.


I like the idea of the Magisterium but there isn’t a lot of world building and you tend to stick to the same areas but that fits with the story and I suppose in the future books there are opportunities for this to grow. You get very little about the history and world building and really only get a proper glimpse of it near the end rather than the rumours you hear.


The story at first seemed cliché but now that I finished it there are definitely quirks and twists and an originality to it that I can appreciate. It has the foundation of a great story but do to it being for younger readers I don’t think I will get as much depth as I believe there could be. Saying that; if I had someone that was 12-14 years old I would certainly had them this book just like I would the Percy Jackson books and more so that Harry Potter


It’s all a bit confusing.


So I love Cassandra Clare’s writing but I don’t like Holly Black. So for me the writing was fine if not a bit simple. I certainly didn’t love it as much as a Cassandra Clare book but didn’t hate it as much as the Holy Black book’s I’ve read. The way it’s done I could comfortable continue on.


The Enemy of Death really isn’t an original name and it is all a bit stupid in all honesty to me. I’m more there for the magic and friendships rather than the overarching plot.

Have you read this? And what did you think?

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