The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Series: So when I started reading I wasn’t sure how interested I was in but when it got the meat of it I started to really enjoy the fantastical element and am really excited to see it develop.

Book: This started incredibly slow and I kept asking myself “where are the demons” because it took such a long time tog et to it but the magic system was really interesting and it really picked up after it.

Brief Opinion 7/10

This was a good book but I think it got too caught up in the setting and it wasn’t my cup of tea. I went into it knowing it was a historical fiction but with a fantasy twist and that was the reason I was reading it. I really had to struggle through the beginning but it was worth it and I’m glad I stuck to it. The period setting is interesting and a fun place for the story to unfold and the author did a lot of research to put key news and events into the story to make it seem closer to reality.

Full Review


I enjoyed the array of characters in this and hated the ones I hated. I really enjoyed that we got to explore high class politics and relationships. There are a lot of names getting thrown around but I enjoyed that we got to have an insight into our main characters and that there were a lot to explore in this and it was incredibly well done.


I have a new crush. I am in swoon with a Duke. I didn’t enjoy the romance in this book because I knew who I liked and didn’t understand the other attraction. You have a perfect gentleman who can offer Helen a good life who she likes but for some reason she’s interested in her cousin? And I can’t see why? The attraction made no sense and I’m hoping that there’s an explanation of it and possibly a plot point but I did think it was lacking.


So it’s regency period before Queen Victoria so you get the London period dress feel without the crazy hoops going on. It really added another dynamic to the story and added another layer of complexity to the magic and how to deal with it and the problems associated.


I enjoyed the story but I was really more interested in the fantasy dynamic. The magic and the fantasy and how she weaved different elements from history and religion into this system that made you feel like there’s an air of truth in it all. However, this is a short story and I wouldn’t say that any element was rushed apart from the relationship between Helen and Carlson.


So it was a bit thin to begin with and there isn’t much in the way of complexity but I believe it can grow and develop because the seeds of a complex storyline do lie within.


The writing really adds to the setting but it did drag for me a bit. It was filled with a lot of description and inner thoughts which can make it difficult to follow.


This was an odd one because you hear of your overarching villain but there isn’t much in the way of their appearance or in fact of their existence and I think it does bring a layer of mystery to the scenario but doesn’t overwhelm the exploration of Helen’s abilities and gives her plenty of room to expand.

Has anyone else read this and what did you think?


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