Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

Series: So I love Alice in Wonderland and retellings so I’m looking forward to read more of this series.

Book: I enjoyed this book; it was quick, interesting and enjoyable.

Brief Opinion 6/10

It wasn’t a masterpiece but it was really interesting and enjoyable and simple but was an interesting take on the classic story. You have all your Wonderland elements but before the Queen of Hearts became a queen. This is more a tragic story about Dinah trying to deal with her father and being involved in the royal family.

Full Review


There aren’t many characters and they aren’t well explored but it was enough and was fine but wasn’t the highlight of the story.


It was pretty childish and flat and not all that interesting. It was like such a half-hearted best friend love story but you never really got involved in the relationship or lack thereof.


As I previously said I love Alice in Wonderland and the take the author has on it has enough old and new to make it feel like a proper retelling. She holds true to the strange and mystical world but includes another place other than wonderland but we don’t really get to explore it but from how prevalent it is in this story I imagine there will be more in the following books.


The story is pretty generic but it does give a different perspective on the retelling and is enjoyable enough. I wouldn’t want a different story but a lot of the story is about a whiney spoiled princess but I’m hoping she goes into that strong willed and fierce character that everyone else deems her to be.


The plot threw me because I didn’t know what to expect and it is a bit thin and the ending felt a bit sudden and rushed and I don’t know why because it was such a short book.


I enjoyed it enough but it wasn’t anything special and didn’t really hold that whimsical wonderland theme.


It a generic power hungry king wanting to be mean and rule. Kinda boring.


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