Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

Series: This is definitely a good series to read, it’s fun and enjoyable and it feels like three different love stories but has the enjoyable links. Each book is also supper quick and short to read and you don’t want to stop.

Book: This is the best out of the three because it was one relationship and no one else was involved.

Brief Opinion 8.5/10

So I loved this, it was enjoyable and heart breaking and thrilling and frustrating and just emotional. I loved being back in Paris but there was still some exploration of New York which kept the story interesting. I’m glad it was just focussed on Isla and Josh but I did get confused when it felt like a cemented relationship and we were only half way through. There were some commitment issues that I really related to but I can see why others would find it frustrating. This was my favourite out of the three and it wasn’t because of the connections but I just enjoyed the characters and them getting to know each other and learning more about themselves through each other.

Full Review


Isla – I liked her but she was plain Jane but it was addressed and was acceptable for the story. You never got the idea she was the smartest girl in the class but the insecurity and shyness was apparent. I did enjoy how she grew especially closer to the end, she is one of the most simple but realistic character’s I’ve read. I do admit that she can be annoying at times because you’re constantly in her head where she is analysing and criticising everything but that’s the best part. Throughout the series the characters have had reasonable faults and that makes it more relatable.

Josh – I liked him in Anna and the French Kiss and he was good in this because you got to see what he was actually like rather than the offhand comments in the first book. This also reflected on how he felt in the first book with his friends and was a really interesting perspective. He’s the most boyish and rough around the edges out of the three love interests in this storyline and it was enjoyable compared to the perfect male specimen you get in so many YA stories, especially in contemporaries.

Kurt – I liked Kurt, but honestly, I would have loved a story about Kurt, I don’t know what it was but I was just drawn to his character and I would have liked to have a whole story about him. He was important to Isla but he did fall out of favour quite quickly into the book which was disappointing but it did resolve in a nice way in the end.


I loved being back in Paris and I liked that there was more exploration in this book, such as Spain and New York. Stephanie Perkins does such a good job of using the surrounding to set a scene and the emotion for that scene.


Like I’ve mentioned previously, this is the best storyline, it’s one couple, one struggle, and one love story. There’s no mucking about and it’s just nice to have a focus in the story. I like how things developed and the pace the overall story went but the last section was the best part.


It’s so quick and fun and portrays the characters well. I also enjoy the banter and the laughs and how it gives the overall atmosphere of the conversations.


I’m definitely sad that that’s the series done because I just want it to go on forever (which I know is unrealistic) but I just enjoyed this series so much and I’m going to miss it. I’m not one for rereading books so I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to it but they definitely live in a soft spot in my heart and I’ll remember them fondly.

I also have reviews for Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door which is my first series that I’ve completed reviews for on my blog.

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