The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Series: This is such a good series and really enjoyable with a great element of mythology that keeps it really interesting.

Book: So this is the weakest in the series for me and it took me forever to read it but I’ve come this far that I’m glad I picked it up.

Brief Opinion 7/10

So this book is good even though it’s the weakest in the series. There’s just too much happening that causes it to go slowly and it took a while to get through it. However, it’s still an enjoyable story but is just slow and much slower than the others. I am looking forward to the final book but I am wondering how it is going to go because it seems like it will be a slower story which isn’t always my favourite way for books to end. I like an action packed finale that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Full Review


So there are a lot of characters and perspective which I usually enjoy but it’s all gotten too much, there’s just too many people and you’re jumping between the storylines and it really slows everything down. I really enjoyed the growth of Leo and Frank in this book and they really shone as characters and developed significantly. I enjoyed their perspectives and they were the ones I looked forward to reading. I didn’t really enjoy Percy and Annabeth, but I wasn’t really interested in that storyline when it was first presented.


So there are a lot of different places and areas that are interesting which is iconic to the Percy Jackson books, it’s full of history that is enhanced by being in Europe and in historic cities. There’s a lot of namedropping and limited exploration but it’s still interesting and done well.


So they’re trying to find the Doors of Death in the House of Hades and to close them. But there are a lot of stops along the way and a constant onslaught of enemies that it gets quite overwhelming because everything is getting constantly messed up. I didn’t enjoy the constant change in perspective between Earth and Tartarus; it just got a bit boring in Tartarus because it all just seemed the same?


So a lot has fallen into place and it’s really enjoyable to have all the points and the connections coming into play from the previous books but also the history and mythology of the gods. I like how well thought out everything is and connected.


The writing is very much iconic to Rick Riordan and the Percy Jackson series upon it’s simple and light nature, but I much prefer the dialogue compared to the description.


So Gaea is weak? I don’t know, she’s meant to be this opposing force but she never wins or succeeds and it’s just kind of hard to take her as this bad evil thing because she isn’t doing well…… I get it but there needs to be some defeats to take her seriously.


 So they’re on the way to stop Gaea now and I’m sure it’ll be interesting but I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy it.

You can also read my review of The Mark of Athena to see how I felt about the previous book.

3 thoughts on “The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

  1. Great review. So I have heard a lot about the Rick Riordan series. Is it really good? do i need to read the previous books to read the Trial of Apollo?
    I just need to know if i have to start from the very beginning to really enjoy all aspects of his books.

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    • So the Last Olympians is good and more fun but more childish but still really enjoyable and easy to fly through. The the Heroes of Olympus is a bit dark adn gritty but more mature and I think more interesting. I haven’t read trials of Apollo yet but from what I here there are spoilers. If you can I would read them all because they’re honestly so good and different and interesting.

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