Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Series: I have been really enjoying reading some lighter books and these are fun and quick and engaging. So if you’re looking for that then try them.

Book: It wasn’t as good at the first but I think it was a less interesting situation but made up for it with how interesting Lola is.

Brief Opinion 6/10

So I did really enjoy this because I’m struggling to read fantasy at the moment which is new for me. It isn’t as light and fluffy as the previous book but I really enjoyed it still. I didn’t like how moppy and emotional that Lola was and I especially didn’t like her relationship with Max and I think it was overkill about how much the author tried to get you to hate it and it wasn’t entirely necessary. I kinda wish this story just focussed on “The Boy Next Door”, it would have just been a more enjoyable story for me. There was enough there to make it happen while still going with the same storyline but we never got much of it till half way through and at the end.

Full Review


Lola – She’s quirky and different and at first I was a bit thrown by it but as it built it really did suit her and the story. She is very impulsive and I don’t want to call her young and naïve but she is inexperienced in her life. The thing is, she had her creative outlet how Anna had film but there was just a bit more substance to Anna. I would have liked to have explored Lola’s fashion side a bit more as well as any other interests because we don’t really see them.

Max – He was so flat and boring and was just a typical all round awful person. I think with Lola being in a relationship with him we should have got some redeeming factor for it to make sense but I don’t think the author wanted us to be torn between who we liked. And if she wanted that why didn’t she just write about Cricket.

Cricket – So I like geeky smart boys and intelligence is attractive. So Cricket was right up my street, I liked the mechanical nature and the strange goofiness to him. We do get a little bit of development from before and after and if it was explored more I think he would be a better character because he’s just the sad longing boy for quite a bit of the story.

Parents – I decided to write Nathan and Andy together because I struggled to tell the difference between the two except for the fact that Nathan was more protective. The parents were overkill in the story in how they were involved in the relationship and they seem like nice people but I didn’t like the over protective nature of them and then them trying to manufacture a situation for themselves. They treat Lola like she’s her mum and that’s really unfair to put onto a child.


The setting was mediocre, it was interesting that it was in the ‘rich’ neighbourhood I suppose but there wasn’t much else. I don’t really know much about San Fransisco so I would have enjoyed more exploration.


I liked the story and the premise but I do wish it was only focussed on the relationship between Lola and Cricket and there wasn’t a Max in the picture. I liked that Anna and St Clair were involved however minorly.


The writing is so easy and quick and has a lovely flow and enjoyable. You just speed through them and I just enjoy the break.

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