Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Book: Definitely read this, it’s superb. I know most people have read this and I’m late to the game but it is really good.

Brief Opinion 8/10

This is a really good book and it’s well written and well-paced. There is some angst and drama that’s dragged on just a little too long and not enough payoff in the end but overall it’s a well put together and enjoyable book. I enjoyed how the story grew and developed and that another story was weaved in, another book that did this well was Afterworlds and it’s an element I really enjoy.

Full Review


Cath – She was so awkward and clearly has social anxiety but I could relate to her in the fact that I have my issues with people and try and stay out of their way but her complex comes down more to her childhood and Wren. She is a very selfless but naïve character but I was rooting for her and I wanted her to have the best for herself and grow and gain new experiences.

Wren – So at the beginning I wanted to like her especially with Cath’s descriptions and past experiences and memories but as the story went on I built up some serious resentment and just wanted to shout at her or for Cath to stand up for herself and shout at her.

Reagan – So I’m pretty much Reagan in terms of her personality without the parties and the multitude of guys. But I’m pretty confident and strong willed and blunt. I don’t think we would make great friends though but would appreciate each other.

Levi – I like this guy, he’s decent and kind and I just couldn’t help but smile! Like it was infectious and I was reading it, I couldn’t imagine him in real life because I’ve got one of those smiley faces that everyone always comments on. We would be good friends I hope.


It was nice how it wasn’t instalove and I wasn’t sure where it was going to go, if it was going to happen or not even though I knew it did? I liked how the two characters interacted with each other but it was still really awkward like Eleanor and Park. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to read Rainbow Rowell’s work though.


The story was really interesting and it was different knowing that Carry On is actually released. I really enjoyed a second layer of writing but it wasn’t too much to distract from the story and I was much more interested in Cath’s story. I liked that it had an interesting premise but was set in the year of the first collage year’s life. It had a good level of interaction and didn’t rely too heavily on being in classes but enough to give the illusion of how busy she actually was.


It’s so engaging and enjoyable and have such a pleasant flow that I read it in two days which I rather rare for me. I loved the insight into a writing element and the level of detail conveyed about fandoms and an internet life and how things have changed. Had I not known the fanfic was based on Harry Potter I would never have guessed it. It did feel like a completely different story but with the same level of love and hype of the Harry Potter books.


So I’ve got a feeling that Rowell likes to leave at an incomplete but acceptable ending and since I’ve read Eleanor and Park I was accepting of this. But it was a relatively good and clean ending.

I don’t know what I’m going to read next because I want to read this next and I’ve never really had that feeling before but we shall see.

Let me know if you’ve ever wanted to reread a book straight after finishing it and what it was in the comments.

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