Winter by Marissa Meyer

Series: Worthy read especially fans of si-fi and retellings, probably one of the best retellings series around. 

Book: Must read for those caught up to the series. 

Brief Opinion 9/10

So this was a roller coaster of emotions over a very long time period. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but it’s hard to remember everything that happened because so much went on with the characters, plot, and story line.I can’t really fault this book apart from things going continuously wrong that it did drag a bit from time to time. There are a lot of characters and they’re all done so well but I found it annoying how there were sudden jumps in the focus. Overall the series has focused on one retelling per book and with this book it has to do this and be the final book. In all honesty I think it could have been maybe done as two books and there was just so much going on. I think everyone should pick this up if you’ve got this far. It feels like a big book, I’m not going to lie but it’s not as bad as some other’s of this size I’ve read. Overall it does go by relatively fast.

Full Review


I think I forgot just how many characters there are too this story line and all the different perspectives you get.

Cinder – I still love her but she goes through a lot in this story and she has a lot to live up to. She needs to lead a revolution to get her to be Queen and strategies and keep the citizens and her friends as safe as possible. She must sacrifice not only herself but everyone else for the cause and come to terms with the fact that she cannot do anything. However this is the strongest and bravest she’s been in all the books and I can’t believe how far she’s come from the first book.

Kai – He’s finally grown into a selfless character that has fit into his role of Emperor and he has become an important character, all be it limited, in the crew.

Scarlet – She’s still my favourite alone with Cinder. She is just so witty and strong headed and doesn’t care what anyone says. If something needs done she will do it. She forces everyone along with her and even though she’s a simple earthen girl she holds immense strength and ability to convince a group to do what she wants. It’s mentioned many times that she invokes fear.

Wolf – He gets a right bad time of things and he still pulls through. He is fiercely protective of Scarlet but also of the whole group and keeping them alive and going. He is kissing for a large part of the story which I was surprisingly sad about considering I didn’t like him in Scarlet.

Throne – He is still a character and I do enjoy his wit and humour but he has really grown into a decent man and he is frustrating at times in this book but he stepped up and really made a great contribution.

Cress – She’s probably the most important part of this book. Nothing can get done without her and she is still shy but when she speaks up, oh, it feels good. I like Cress even though I imagine her as my niece. She does seem so young but I do wish she was a little bolder and seemed a bit older.

Winter – She’s crazy. She has a good heart but she doesn’t really do anything, she’s more an already established character and a sign for the people of lunar but she is a little bit lacklustre.

Jacin – I’m still not sure about him overall but you cannot fault his devotion to Winter but there isn’t enough to him.


There’s so much going on and it’s important between each of the characters that I don’t want to spoil it but I enjoyed the fleshing out of the relationships in this.


So it was all set on Lunar and it was nice to flesh out the country and how it was set up. It did strike to as familiar to a lot of societies in having the poor working class and the high class who benefit off of them.  But I love si-fi and the take on the Lunar society really interested me from the beginning so it was enjoyable to be rewarded with it. It was well fleshed out and thought through and was really important to the plot.


The story is of a rebellion and it’s amazing all the twist and turns you go on and the different perspectives and the elements and how it all ties together. It’s amazing how much goes on and all the characters and the teams they switch to and split off with each other and it just made an all-round interesting story. It was so long but and I’m so tired after reading it.


Everything was so well thought out and I can imagine the author having this large drawing of each of the plot points and the characters assigned to it and the moment of them and the areas and how it all connects to each other because that’s how it read. It’s superb to have all these different sections and this level of complexity and how she has managed to not be too overwhelming and you can realistically and relatively easily understand what’s going on and the possible places it could go to. However, there were parts where I guessed the plot points and the hidden parts that were a revelation but that’s to be expected because my brain thinks in stories and progression due to my background.


The writing is so good at keeping you reading and engaged because she spend enough time explaining the issues and the different elements but not going to long as to bore the reader. It was captivating and heart wrenching and empowering and evoked so many emotions so often and throughout.


I still hate her but I am glad that I read Fairest as I think it did help with this book even if it was only a small bit. A lot of people have been recently complaining about villains who are evil for the sake of it and don’t have the correct motivation or agenda. I can see why some people would say this with Levana but if you read it then you can see that it’s a woman that’s become corrupted with power and insecurity and fear. I don’t know if that’s what the author was going but it’s sure a good reflection of the vanity in our society and the worst part about it is that Levana truly believes she is doing the right thing for her country and that’s heart-breaking to know that even though you devote your life to something you go about it the wrong way? We take too much moral high ground in our society and especially in the Western hemisphere and this really made me reflect upon it which is another proof of how important fiction is.


 So I knew the ending we would get as a generalisation but the exact details I never seen. And the whole story, the whole series is written to give you this point and it is realistic and isn’t really surprising. I do want to read Stars Above even though this is a good ending, it does stop and there’s so much more that could go on and I’m not quite ready to leave this world for good especially with more content available.

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