The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Series: Definately should pick it up if you want a fun and interesting storyline.

Book: Go back to it if you’ve fallen off and give this a try. 

Brief opinion 7/10

This is the Third Book in the Heroes of Olympus series and all hell has broken loose. So a lot happened in this book and everything just seems to be escalating. There is a lot happening in this book because of seven characters and seven points of view. But the story is incredibly well constructed and strung together. The characters overall are done well and I really enjoy at least most of them but some are still a bit lackluster. The movement into Europe was a really nice change and was very well done. The ending has be a bit concerned and I’m not sure I’m happy with it….. but I don’t think I’m meant to be. If you’ve put off this series for a while then I highly recommend going back to it but it may take a while to remember what was happening.

Full Review


There are a lot of couples going on and I’ll keep them together to make the romance section a bit easier.

Leo – So I love Leo and his humour. He does struggle in this book with being the only one not in a relationship but he is an extremely valuable asset to the team. We get more backstory and more insight into his mechanical nature and this is such an interesting aspect of his character. He’s gone through and it really builds his character.

Percy – So of course I love Percy, but he is kind of annoying in this series and in this book. He’s a bit obsessive about Annabeth and that’s his focus. He is still strong and brave but he is really cocky in this book and it doesn’t really work. But it is more due to teething issues with having Jason on board and them both usually being the one to lead a team.

Annabeth – She has a massive role in this book and it’s nice to have a focus on her. I love the wisdom and knowledge and strength of her and I think that she’s incredible and I love that she thinks things through and encourages the group to keep going.

Piper – I don’t really like her. She’s pretty insecure and she has a role of seeing the future in her sword. I don’t really know her aspect and all she seems to be is a charm speaker and I wish we got more from her.

Jason – He is all over the place and is in an out of the story and I preferred him in the first book. He and Percy make a great team but it took a while for them to gel.

Hazel – I like Hazel but there’s very little of her considering it’s her brother they’re looking for. She does play a role but not that big a role.

Frank – Frank has the same problem as Hazel, he is there to fix the big issues that the group cannot get around but there is very little fay to day roles with him.


Percy and Annabeth – I still love these two together and the comfort they display in each other’s company makes them one of my favourite book couples. I love their history and everything they’ve been through together.

Piper and Jason – It’s lacklustre to say the least, nothings really going in with them and it’s hard to see why they’re interested in each other. There’s a lot of mentioning that they’re together but not a lot of them being together.

Hazel and Frank – So they haven’t been together long so not a lot goes on with these two apart from some jealousy.


There are so many areas in these series and they’re all done so well. The mix of history and modern day especially Rome is so fun and interesting to read. I’m really looking forward to the future books which I hope will touch on Greece.


I did enjoy this story but there was a lot going on especially with all the POV’s. It did take me a while to get through but it was certainly worth it.


The plot is incredible and the quest is always so well done and this book is no different. The mile markers and each step to get to the end were really well done and interesting. A lot of the time everything just seems so impossible and the ways out of it are interesting if not a bit strange and daft but it’s always nice to see.


So it is a more simplistic writing style but is still enjoyable.


Man I hate Gaea, she’s so awful and always messes everything up!


 So they’re one step closer to the doors of death.

So you definitely love this book and if you’re up to this book and haven’t read it and having been putting it off then you should really pick it up; what are you waiting for?

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