I need some help.

So as part of my TBR I allowed the Books Amino community to pick what I read but the problem is they picked throne of glass and I thought I really wanted to reread it but I’m really hating it. Should I give up and move onto a different book? I never like rereading books because I remember things too much and become too focused on those sections.

Is it cheating to not read it? Or do I just accept it and put it down to a failure in the system I’ve created for myself?


7 thoughts on “I need some help.

      • I don’t know. I’m pretty much always into fantasy but my brains just not enjoying reading the character that I’ve know to have grown so much. Like they just feel so different.
        I just finished Winter and that’s a big book so I don’t know if that’s overloaded me?
        I’ve picked up fangirl and I’m really enjoying it so I know I want to read. I might come back to ToG again and see in time. But thanks for the help 😊

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