Until the Beginning by Amy Plum

So I picked up After the End on a whim and I absolutely loved it and there are so many occasions where I remember the storyline and plot points. I haven’t read Amy Plum’s Revenants series which I believe is more popular but I absolutely loved the first and second book in this series.


Juneau – So this is another version of a strong female however she does lack an emotional complexity but due to the ordeal she’s been through it makes complete sense. She does grow into her shell more in this book even though the two books are set in quick succession. However, her stubbornness can be infuriating at times it is enjoyable to have a character with a real fault and makes them more realistic.

Miles – So I didn’t particularly like him in the first group but he grows up and becomes more of a real character and you appreciate his determination and care. It is also nice to have a character that knows what they are doing is insane and he is terrified by it but he then gets on with it.


The romance in this book is sweet and simple, it is enjoyable to read but there isn’t much in it. It is written in a plain and simple way and doesn’t over emphasize it and it isn’t too lovey dovey. It is a bit insta-love but the two of them do go through a lot together.


So I loved the setting because it was constantly moving and shifting and that kept the story interesting and I loved reading it. I enjoyed the natural aspect to the story and it was a more unique setting than some of the other books I’ve read. There is a lot of moving about and it can be easy to get lost but you usually pick it up.


So this is the best part. I absolutely loved it. I adore the magical and mystical elements and I think it’s done in a really unique and original way but I love that this book is wholly about the rescue and I thought that it would drag but it didn’t. I also have never read a book that completely focused on the one element and didn’t veer away from it making the story longer. It is not a complex story but it is executed well and all the twists and turns are incredibly enjoyable and keep you encapsulated.


It is basically a rescue attempt with a mystical twist and overall it is one of the more original stories I’ve read even though the premise sounds reused.


The writing is another strong feature of this book because of the duel perspective, which I really enjoyed. The voices are so clear and the language accurately reflects the cultures and upbringing of each of the different characters. There are some uncommon words used in this and it can throw you a little but is all part of the charm of the book.


So there are so many bad guys in this and you hate all of them. They are each so well done and all have a different agenda and you have to create your own opinion on if you agree, disagree, or feel sympathetic towards one or all of them. There’s little involvement from the antagonists but they certainly play a very key role.


The ending was fitting for the story, I would maybe like to know what happened afterwards but I am content with this ending and it felt like an appropriate scale for the things that happened in the book.

I would highly recommend this book and this series, especially as something different.

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