Fairest by Marissa Meyer

So this won’t take long because it is such a short book. It really does read more like a novella.


Levana – So she is one of the most evil villains around, she’s just evil for the sake of it in the previous books. And this one doesn’t show much difference, she is incredibly insecure and has a warped mind that is rather disturbing to read about and she doesn’t do a good job of redeeming herself. And she shouldn’t. We have so many villains where you then feel sorry for them and reduce their crimes and I don’t feel the sympathy for her. Awful things clearly happened to her and I do believe she is the better choice for queen than her sister but she is too controlling and doesn’t have a realistic view of her people.

Channary – Man she’s dumb and vain and useless. I don’t quite understand how she and her sister are so different but I also don’t know why the two of them hate their parents so much. Channary is also very warped in the head and she is a lost cause in all honesty.

Evert – Oh man did he go through a tough old time. I liked him as a character but the situation he was put in was awful and you perpetually feel sorry for him because no one deserves that.


The romance in this is really quite disturbing and I don’t quite get why she is so twisted and wrong.


We get to see a little bit more of Luna but not enough for my taste. I would have liked some more of the history because that was an interesting element to me when we first started the series.


The story was fine; it was just explaining how everything fell into place before the beginning of Cinder. I don’t recommend reading it as the first book in this series


There’s not so much a plot to this book more a way of filling in all the extra sections of the previous books and putting more things into context and in help of Winter as well.


I’ve always loved Marissa Meyer writing, it feels so inclusive and encapsulating and I really enjoy reading her books. It will be a test reading Winter considering how big it is but with how quickly I have read her prior books I’m sure I will love it.


Well it is the story about the Villain.

I would recommend reading this book because it is so short but I don’t know if it was honestly necessary, I do have a greater grasp on Levana now having read this book but I think it should have and more to it or should have been entwined into the other stories. This review feels like such a waste because there isn’t really many elements to talk about and that’s kind of a shame because I have loved the previous stories so much.

I am getting to Winter really soon and I am really looking forward to it!

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