The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

This book took me FOREVER! It was such a slog to get through but it was really interesting but it just felt like I wasn’t making any progress but I found that there was a lot of build-up but the last quarter flew by.


Like always I keep track of all my characters and wish I had some artistic talent because I would draw them for reference. There are A LOT of characters in this and I would recommend notetaking of each with their roles and powers.

Kelsier – So this is our main male protagonist where he is one of the 2 main perspectives you see in the book. He has a rich backstory and is an already experienced and well developed character even though you are just introduced to him. I really like his humour and quirkiness and he is the main ancor of the group. I really enjoy reading from his perspective but I also like reading about him from Vin’s perspective.

Vin – And this is the main female protagonists and the other perspective we get to see. She is the opposite of Kelsier where she has just discovered her powers and is being taught by him. You really see her development and mind-set and as an outside perspective into an established group of friends. I never expected a younger female perspective when I picked the book up but I was pleasantly surprised.

Dockson – I love Dockson, he is the responsible parent to a group of unruly boys. He has a really comforting presence and holds everything together. However, he is a background character which I only noticed upon reflection because he has such an important role in the group.

Sazed – Oh I love Sazed, I think he’s my favourite character, he is just so well witten and likable and knowledgeable and I just which I had him in real life. But he is always there in a dire situation and saves the day.

Breeze – Breeze is the rambunctious scallyway, he’s charismatic and enjoyable but with so many charcters it is easy for him to be overshadowed.

Ham – I really like Ham even though he isn’t involved too much I still really enjoyed reading the scenes with him because he offered an overarching perspective on the overall storyline. His thoughts allowed you to take a step back from the storyline and revaluate good and evil and create your own conclusion about what they were doing.

Marsh – He was an integral part of the story but he did it in the background. I liked that he was involved and as Kelsier’s brother you got to know more about him.

Club – He’s really forgettable but he was always about so that’s quite strange.

Yeden – I don’t like him, he’s very contrary and all over the place and there wasn’t enough of his involvement to come round to his side.

Mare – We learn about Mare from the

Reen – I hated him, he’s an awful brother to Vin and his voice in her head gets really infuriating, there’s a part at the end where they try to redeem him but it doesn’t work for me.

Elend – I’m so in love and my boyfriend joked that he knew I would love him. But he’s written to be loved so it’s not really my fault.


There is a small romantic element to it and it’s nice to break up the rest of the serious tone fo the book.


It is such a high fantasy novel where everything is so different and strange and it’s very different from our world and the way the characters think about how things would be different and like our world seems absurd to them.


It is a very slow story with a lot of elements to it and I think you need to be prepared for it because I wasn’t. It moves around a lot and can be difficult to keep track of but is still interesting and keeps your attention but there is a lot of information and detail to wrap your head around.


I never expected that we would be looking at a revolution/rebellion and the strategy and planning was so well done and thought out and the explanation of each element and the execution was just exceptional. It was so cohesive and developed and it was really interesting to read.

The stand out part is the complexity and developed nature of the magical elements from the metals and their powers to the different types of beings and this is what I love most about fantasy. I like the different systems and the uniqueness and originality you can get from different authors.


There’s so much detail and explanation and the voices are very distinct but it did drag a bit for me and I found it really difficult to get through the segments.


Oh man is he evil, you don’t get much face to face with him but more from heresy you learn about what he’s done and how he treats people and the power he controls and that just makes him this really awful ruler.


So, spoilers……


The end to this book was incredible I must say, I couldn’t stop reading and finished the last quarter in one sitting because that went by so fast and so much was happening and it was unbelievable.

So this is definitely a must read but just brace yourself because you’re in for a long haul.


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