Champion by Marie Lu

So starting off this review will contain spoilers for the first two books, Legend and Prodigy but will not contain spoilers for Champion.

Overall I’m really displeased with this book. I’ve found that a lot of the series I’ve been reading have been turned into trilogies that would stand better as a duology. I can’t say I liked this book overall and as a simple statement I think you’re probably better off not continuing and just accepting the cliff-hanger of Prodigy or just finishing at Legend.

I adored Legend, I like the story, the characters, the world, and how it all came together. I was fine with Prodigy but a bit annoyed with the general direction it went in and the ending. But now getting into the details:


June – So this is June finally confronting everything that happened to her and trying to take on a new role and not being with Day. She no longer seems like the strong female role model from the first two books and is a shadow of her former self and that was a little disappointing going into this.

Day – He’s turned into this dying over-protective big brother who doesn’t really a have a goal and is quite honestly a bit of a puppet exerting control. There’s no fire and passion in him like there was and he demeanour is definitely quiet and perhaps that’s to do with the illness but I think it more comes down to a lack of direction which I will explain later on.

Eden – I really like Eden and I’m glad he’s ok and you see some of his recovery and the relationship between him and Day.

Anden – He’s honestly the most interesting character in this and his struggles of begin a new ruler and fitting into an unstable political climate. You really see more of him and the issues he has to face and the challenges of trying to run a fair and just county.


Oh man did this suck. We have virtually no romance due to the events of Prodigy and what you do get is just sad and diminished and I originally liked the two of them together.


For some reason a lot more of the world is discover half way through the final book…. Why? I really liked the world of Antarctica and how that culture lives but I don’t know why it was thrown in here so late into the storyline.


The story was poor for me; it had no direction for the better half of the book and was trying to continue on from Prodigy with little success in my eyes.


There was a very thin plot and it was incredibly disappointing and when we did eventually start seeing what this book was to be about it sort of fell flat and there wasn’t enough to keep it interesting.


IT was just a rehash of the other books and I would have preferred something more interesting.


So I really hated it, it was such a cop out then tried to recover it and it just wasn’t a nice finale.


So I really do like Marie Lu and I’m just a bit saddened by the ending to this series that I did really enjoy. I plan on reading the Young Elites even though I don’t know what it is about because I know I did enjoy her previous books


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