A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Firstly, this book broke me; I have never felt so helpless while reading a book. The story encapsulated me and I really struggled to put it down which is an issue when I have exams.


Feyre – So this is our main character and I’m a bit mixed with her. She’s a strong female lead but only if it’s against humans. She maintains her strong personality with Fae who are much stronger but it feels worthless because she can’t compete so it was really hard trying to reconcile this. She is very strong and determined and you know that she will get things done but she isn’t a light-hearted character so it can drag you down while being in her head so much. Overall I like her and think she will be much stronger in the future books and I think that will make me enjoy her character more.

Nesta – We don’t get much of Nesta but she is quite a stuck up standoff character and she’s not likable but as you get into the story you realise that there’s more than meets the eye and I think she could become a key plot point for the future of the series.

Elain – She is our little light of hope. The character who remains innocent and you can see that the world is something more and believe in something better. However she is naïve and you have to just accept that and enjoy the little glimpse that you get.

Father – So I don’t like him, I think he is a weak and selfish father who only cares about money and wealth and respect for himself. The father’s I know would do anything for their children no matter the cost but he’s just useless.

Tamlin – So he’s too perfect? I don’t know, he’s smoking hot don’t get me wrong but he’s negatives are not taken in such the gruesome reality they should. He’s a beast…. literally. He kills and murders things and Feyre doesn’t seem to be put off by that and I think she should be, at least to some extent, at least to be wary of him and to at least acknowledge it before justifying it. She feels very defensive of him when she doesn’t even know him. Afterwards I accept his justification of his actions and the troubles that plague him. There’s clearly a lot more to his character and I would be interested to explore it in the future.

Lucien – I love him, I think he’s my favourite, he’s just so brass and bold and funny and charming. He just adds a whole other dimension to the story and I love his scenes and when he’s involved. I wish more for him and want to get more of him.

Alis – She’s our strong female relationship that is missing from this story but she’s that bit motherly that it’s not a female friendship that so many YA stories are missing. It’s all great to have this badass female but I need authors to acknowledge that we know that people can’t do anything on their own so give her another strong female sometimes, please.

Rhysand – I’m not saying I prefer Rhys to Tam but I like the blatant honesty of his character. You know he’s bad news and that he’s not there to appease Feyre. You enjoy the reality of him even though we got introduced to him quite late in the story.


I enjoyed that Feyre was older, wasn’t a virgin and the sexuality was not all fluffy. I think so many authors are very strange about the line between sex, swearing, and brutality. Feyre is 19 ad it definitely feels like an book for some older readers. It’s a bit more full on than The Throne of Glass series but that also does it well. If you’re going to write a love story then don’t romanticise it too much, I understand that there will be some lovey dovey sections because it is there to be enjoyed but this strike a nice balance.


The areas are beautiful and feel so warm and inviting and are so vivid that the world is just so well constructed and I want to see more of it because there’s clearly so much more too it. I especially love the fact that you get told about all the different planes and courts that exist early on because it really sets the scene and gives you a clear idea of the sheer scale of the world. It’s nice that you’re not drip dread it and the author has a clear idea of her world that she hopes to build on. I do want to see more of it as we did only get a small section of it but I don’t know how much is enough because it could become overwhelming.


So I was the little girl that never watched princess films because she couldn’t understand why a man had to always rescue a woman. That’s why I enjoy retelling because that doesn’t tend to be the case; however, this one is on the fence for me. Feyre needs Tamlin to save her because she’s human and can’t compete with Fae but also she does things for herself. It very polarising and I think this will be less of an issue in the next books.


This is very detailed and there is foreshadowing and at the end you see all the little placements and snippets of information. It is very well done with an incredibly rich history that is so well constructed and draws you into the world and the story.


The writing was incredible; I have enjoyed every Sarah J Maas book I’ve read and her writing style just keeps getting better. I truly love to read her books and I miss when I’m not reading them. It’s so immersive and gives you enough detail about feelings and characters and setting that you get a good idea but you can fill in the missing sections to bring your own element into it.


So it’s a complete spoiler to talk about it so I won’t.


Overall I think this is a terrific book and is so worth reading. I’m disappointed in myself for having left it so long and can’t wait to get to A Court of Mist and Fury which I’ll hopefully get to next month.




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