Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

So I am loving these more and more but it’s Harry Potter so I try and keep the reviews short.


Harry – I think it’s hard to see his development but I’ve been really enjoying his wit and humour and his perspective is really enjoyable to read…. I’ve been waiting for the moodiness to kick in.

Ron – He is great, I love his lunacy and weirdness and the absentmindedness you sometimes find with him.

Hermione – She’s hardly in it again! And all the fighting! She is so unlikable!

Snape – I never realised how annoying and evil and argh, he’s terrible, I never realised just how plain awful he is and what he does to Harry.

Lupin – I really enjoyed him as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and wish he was more involved because I enjoyed him and his relationship with Harry and it’s a shame we didn’t get much interaction between the two.

Sirius Black – He’s our main focal point of the story and I enjoyed that you can find out about the past because of him and how he fit into the plot and Harry’s life.


Harry got a crush!


These stories are just so good. They’re so well thought out and so excellently crafted. I love the level of detail and how things link together and flow and it’s just amazing to read and experience.


So much of the plot comes to light; what happened to Harry’s parents, the relationship between James and Snape, Voldemort….. there’s just so much to gain from this. I really love that we are getting a steady stream of plot and that it isn’t all thrown at you and it’s just all so wonderful.


The writing is superb, it is encapsulating and intriguing and light (which is what I needed after my current reads) and just flows at a great pace and built-up. The books just feel so quick and snappy and I really enjoy that because some books are just so long and never-ending!!! But this is fast becoming one of my favourite series to read, I’ve been really enjoying having one to read a month even though I know what’s going to happen. I can’t wait for next month but I’m pacing myself.


This is the most evil villain that is not present in half of the series! Just the idea of him is enough and I don’t think I have ever properly contemplated it.


I love the endings of these books so far, it isn’t a cliff hanger but you can’t wait to see what happens next. I also love that you get a real ending because the stories are split up each focusing on a particular issue to concur.

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