The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

This is one of the weirder books I’ve ever read and that meant to too me much longer than expected for such a short book.


There wasn’t much to these characters overall and I think I would just be explaining who they are which I think is unnecessary. They do change and go on a journey but the whole point is to go on that journey with them and I don’t want to ruin that for anyone who wants to.


This is very weird and strange and very obvious. It is a strong focus in the book and it’s not that enjoyable. IT’s very abstract and unrewarding. You can see what it wants to be but it’s in this odd place where there needs to be more but there’s already such a strong focal point.


It’s set in Ireland and it wasn’t mentioned until 40/50% of the way into the book and I found it really hard to place. I’m Scottish so there is a strong connection between the two cultures but it doesn’t play a strong role in the story but even then it would be nice to have known a bit sooner because it started coming up a lot more as the story progressed.

It is a beautiful setting with key scenes that all have different meaning and it does a very good job of conveying movement and travel and is quite a seamless transition between areas and you really feel like you’re traveling with the characters.


The story is kinda wacky and confusing and caused a lot of backtracking. So I’ll break it down

  • Firstly I thought it was about a month where a family is plagued by a lot of accidents and they’ve learned to accept it and how they deal with it.
  • Then it was about a mystery of this girl Elsie who keeps appearing in all of Cara’s photographs.
  • So I then thought: “hey, it’s just about teenage drama, I’ve done this before, I can do this”.
  • And we are then hit out with this really weird, strange fanatical messed up story that felt like you were on a drug trip which made me think that the story was about mental illness and was on brought by tragedies from the accident season.

I know, this is weird right? There’s just so much going that it’s hard to keep track of especially in such a small book. I don’t know if I maybe should have read this at Halloween but I spent most of the book just in a state of completely confusion. I understand that it’s a whimsical story and maybe that’s just not my thing.


The writing was really good, it conveyed ideas well and the different stories going on felt very different and the whimsical elements were written very well. It contained a lot of different elements that kept it interesting when the story was lost on me. It did make it really hard to keep track of time. I thought the season was nearly over and then it was day 13 and the next moment it was Halloween. I just got all very very lost.


So I don’t quite know if it was an ending, it felt like a culmination of a story but not an end. I know that doesn’t make much sense but it feels all too rushed which I don’t know why it is. It’s a story to tell and takes place over the span of one month and that’s all you’re getting.


I think if you’re looking for something off the cuff and different I think this is for you but beware it very messy and very oddball.


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