The Martian by Andy Weir

So first off I loved this book and it’s definitely one of my favourite stand alones and you should just read it because it packs and punch.


Mark Watney- I have just decided that since he’s the centre and everything’s about him, I’ll just focus on him. So I loved him, so much happens to him, besides being stranded on mars, and I don’t think I’ve read such a resilient or funny character.


So it’s Mars and you would think there isn’t much to Mars…. You’re wrong but yeah you’re kind of right. The beauty of this is that the author makes so much of nothing. There is a fantastic mix of our recent history mixed with the future and it blends very seamlessly together.


The amount of Goosebumps this book gave me is unbelievable, it was so emotionally capturing and I was in a constant state of panic because I didn’t want him to die and it is the greatest survival story that I’ve read. It has a lot of science and it is a true si-fi but I think you could get away with it even if you’ve not got that mind-set.


I think it’s so well thought out and has an incredible amount of research and the process and obstacles are so well done and encapsulating. This just grabs your attention and you don’t want to do or read anything else


This is an incredibly funny book and it really draws you in and I love the writing and I wish I had more of Andy Weir to read because I think he’s incredible and I really connected with this story and I didn’t get bored of the writing like I do with a lot of various books.


So I considered not including this but I’m sorry to spoil this but the big bad villain is Mars…. I know, it’s a real shock but man is it out to get Watney. And Mars does a great job of ruining everything! But seriously, it’s just about a man trying to survive and conquer an inhabitable environment.


The ending was incredible, I was so panicked and it was such a good build up and compelling and terrifying.

This feels like such a short review for how incredible this book is but you have to read it to get it. So if you haven’t already, read it!


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