The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (No Spoilers)

So this doesn’t contain spoilers for The Raven King but does have some spoilers from the previous books so you’ve been warned.


Blue – So Blue is one of my favourite realistic female characters and I have loved her since the first book when it was more focused on her. She’s important to this book but she is definitely sits in the background.

Gansey – I loved the idea of Gansey in The Raven Boys but over time that has started to fade and that continued into this book as well. He is the focus point but he doesn’t get as much limelight in the series that the other main characters have had.

Adam – So there’s a lot going on with Adam in this book and he is really important and is really built up and it can get very confusing but is still the best developed character in this series.

Ronan – I love Ronan and all his quicks and faults and aggression and just everything. He really changes this story and is still really important in this book but over the series you discover more about him and he really opens up and he’s the character I think I’ll miss most.

Henry –  Henry has been present in the previous books but he plays a slightly bigger role in this one in regards to magic and history and some perspective and there’s suitable backstory to him but I would have liked to have had him in previous books compared to just the last one.


Romance took a more prominent role in this book compared to the others but it is still minimalistic. It’s sweet and kind but there is very little to it and is still not the focus which, for a series that started out with a deadly true loves kiss, is interesting.


There’s definitely more jumping around in this book and you see all of the places we have discovered and built upon in the prior books and it can get a bit overwhelming and you may have to jump back and reread what’s going on to keep track.


So after Blue Lily, Lily Blue I was ready for a really intense conclusion and for everything to go down and start happening. For the chase for Glendower to be in full swing and them combatting all the obstacles along the way but I don’t think this really happened until 60% of the way through so we didn’t really get too much of that then it was quite a short segment of finding him


I can’t say that I’m fond of the plot and how things went down and the twists and turns that happened. It started veering too much away from Glendower and I wasn’t sure how that would work out considering this was the final book.


The writing is very different compared to the first three books in my opinion. It is very abstract and unusual and definitely sees the author playing more with her style. Non-linear progressions, repetition in thrice, and varying starting points are all present. I think this made it harder for me to read but more accurately simulated the strangeness of the fantastical world of Henrietta and Cabeswater; it just made it feel more like a muddled world and timeline and approaching doom.

The Raven King is also different in that it isn’t written from one perspective. We’ve had Blue, Ronan, and Adam’s in each of the previous book and I was really hoping that the rest would all be from Gansey’s but instead it is a mix of main and supporting characters and, for me, it just feels like a strong variation from the flow of the series.


Just like the previous books there is a brand new villain. This is probably the most inherently evil antagonist we have faced in this series and there isn’t really a motive but the way it’s done there doesn’t have to be. It certainly makes sense as to their intentions and actions.


The ending was slow paced and worked out but I do have so many unanswered questions and I’m not sure that we will get to find out. If you have read it, it’s a bit like Eleanor & Park whereby there’s an ending to this particular story and it sets them up for a future. I’m not sure if there would be a future series that leads on from this but I would be interested.

Finishing a series is always bittersweet; you enjoy it and have read it and can’t wait to see what happens but at the same time you know that it will be over and you’re not getting any more. I usually find that I’m not ready for the last book in a series but at the end of Blue Lily, Lily Blue it felt right for it to be finishing and for the reader and characters to have their conclusion.

I liked the Raven King but I am saddened that it isn’t what I wanted it to be and maybe that’s my fault but I felt that that was where the story was going. I may choose to reread the series later on but I don’t think I want to which is kind of a shame.

Also see reviews for The Dreams Theives and Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

2 thoughts on “The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (No Spoilers)

  1. I read the first in the series and liked it more than I expected I would. I veered between thinking Gansey or Adam was the true love, so I’d be interested in seeing what happens between the first & last book of the series.

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    • I would recommend continuing on with the series especially since they’re all out not. It’s very much a character driven story so the relationships between all the characters do significantly change and grow stronger.

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