The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

This review is just so negative but this is how I feel and I’m going to write about it. I know so many people who love the things I didn’t about it and it’s just my feelings but depending on your perspective it think it’s easy to be on the fence about it. Overall it was just a massive disappointment because I loved the first book SOOOO much and this just didn’t live up to it and the parts I enjoyed abut the first book weren’t present


Kestrel – I love her brain and her thought process but I hate her brain and her thought process. I love the strategy and the way to weave the lies but when it gets involved in emotions it’s just unbearable.

Arin – He is such a whiney baby and I just want to sort him out. He needs someone to baby him and that’s just unattractive and unappealing.

Tensen – He was what Arin needed and it was such a breath of fresh air to have someone with perspective and a wiser voice in this story because that was certainly missing.

Vertex – I like him and this is where I wanted the story to go. I admit that he didn’t make enough of an effort with Kestrel and there’s more that I would have like to have known. His character was certainly lacking in areas but I think that was more that there wasn’t enough exploration into him rather than not liking what we have.

The Emperor – I don’t like him more because I understand him and his motives. He’s just the looming character out to spoil everything.

Risha – She’s clearly important and must be a key player but there’s not enough for the amount of time we come back to her.

Roshar – He has an interesting history and development and I really enjoyed his dry and dark sense of humour and it’s just a nice break from the story.



I hate it! I don’t like the angst and the lies and deceit and just the mess of a web that has been tangled but I don’t find them suitable and there’s no substance for the attraction. However, I don’t know if it’s my fault because it’s been a year since I’ve read The Winner’s Curse but it’s all just a bit flimsy for me.


The whole realm was explored a bit more and the other kingdoms which was nice but it wasn’t enough to be worthwhile for me.


I didn’t like much of it. The pacing was so slow and uneventful and boring and tiring and it was an absolute slog to get through.


There wasn’t any for the first 60% of the book. I was just reading for the sake of reading and then there became some substance and meaning.


There’s nothing special or noteworthy.


So from what I can gather the Emperor is the bad guy? But I just don’t get it? He’s just a bad guy for the sake of it who wants power and doesn’t want change.


With the plot being so thin I don’t quite know what the whole point of this actually is.


I hated it; I don’t think it was a good end. It’s not what I wanted. It’s thrown a spanner in the works and not in a good way for me.

I will read the last book in the hope of redemption for the series but I just think I’m maybe getting too old for these stories or I’m too fantasy based that nothing can ever compare. I would pick it up if you liked the first book but I warn that they’re a very different kettle of fish.

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