Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

So I know what happens in Harry Potter overall but I don’t remember the details or anything like that. So it’s nice to have a new experience and see all the things I missed or didn’t realise what was relevant.  It was really nice to read such a short and quick book even though I know it doesn’t last for long in this series.


Harry – Harry is still very weak but he has courage and I don’t think I ever noticed the anger in him before. I’m really interested to see how and if this continues

Ron – I think Ron was rather weak in this book and was just a bit lost in everything. Of course he’s there for Harry and gives him a different perspective but I would just like a bit more development from him as a character.

Hermione – Due to circumstances in the story she is not a prominent feature but even then she is still a vital part of the story and the objective counterparty.

Dobby – He isn’t vital to the series or the book but who doesn’t love Dobby? I know he comes up more in the other books and I really like his addition.

Malfoy – He’s really not a big deal, year he has his quips and annoyances and they think Malfoy is involved but then it sort of falls flat

Dumbledore – I love Dumbledore, I think everyone does but I want him to take a more active interest in Harry as I really enjoy the scenes between the two of them. But I completely understand that so far there isn’t a reason to do this as of yet.

I think the overall thing with this book is that it was more focused on Harry and him figuring things out with some help from Ron and Hermione but they’re not really that focused on and I don’t know whether it’s just this book or because it is only from Harry’s perspective.


I really like the overall atmosphere of Hogwarts and the surrounding area. I like the detail and how the world and the way things work are completely different with an interesting twist. I like the ghosts and the pictures and the staircases. Simple things just suddenly become magic. The used to say that taking a picture would capture someone’s soul and I think it’s nice that J.K. Rowling has taken this in a literal fashion and made it an interesting concept.


I liked the story overall. I enjoy that each book has one overall problem to deal with and the journey and mystery and solving it. The story is the best part of the Harry Potter books, they’re so well thought out and planned and the linking is really important to it. I enjoy the little snippets of information given to the reader that can allow them to think about their own conclusions. I’ve been reading a lot of books with multiple perspectives that it’s really refreshing to just have the one brain to focus on and experience. I really like that each book is done over a school year, it offers a really nice snapshot and you know how the next book starts and should end. There isn’t really cliff-hangers and mystery, you just know that next time around there will be something for Harry to deal with and you look forward to the story Rowling is going to tell.


I like the overarching story and how we gain little pieces of information throughout the book about Voldemort and I like that we learn more of his history and who he was before. It really helps build him slowly as a villain. I want a lot more build up to happen and there to be more action soon but that’s just me wanting so much more from the series when it’s right at the beginning and that’s completely unfair.


I actually listened to the audiobook of this and I like the way Stephen Fry brings life to the characters and the story. I’ve been really busy so it’s much easier to listen to it than try and focus on it. It is a bit simple but it was also a book written for all and that means you can’t get too fancy with it. I really like the flow of the book but the culmination feels very quick just like the first book.


The series starts out with Voldemort very clearly as the villain even though we don’t know why. In this book we learn more about him and what he is capable of who he was before he became this big bad evil man. I like how we see more of the connection between him and Harry and I hope it’s explored in the future books.

This is quite short but it’s Harry Potter….. most people know about it and so many have read it and know the story and is the reason a lot of my generation read books.

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