Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes


Ok so there are so many characters so I’m going to discuss who I think the main characters are rather than everyone because I had to create a mind map of all the families and kingdoms and relationships just to figure it all out.

Lucia – I like her but I would prefer more from her perspective to see more about who she is as a person because she is really important to the storyline.

Magnus – I like him and then I don’t and it’s such a whirlwind of emotions with him and we spend a lot of time reading about him so I don’t know how I feel about him so I want to see more in the next book before forming a solid opinion.

Sabina – We get introduced to her very early and you don’t get too much information about her but she’s evil and is meant to be hated and I think that’s done well.

Cleo – She’s very childish but I hope she grows and strengthens and I get to see more of the fiery side that I came to love in this book. She was very stubborn which was frustrating because you knew something was going to happen and she just stood there which made you angry with her but I think she will be important I future books and you spend a lot of time with her.

Nic – I like him even though I feel that he’s not very developed and he is a pretty weak character overall so I don’t know how it is going to work out with him.

Aron – I hate him, he’s an awful person but he’s written so well for this purpose and he’s just the worst.

Theon – I love him so much, I can’t entirely explain why but he’s just pure of heart and protective and determined and preserves even though bad things have happened to him.

Jonas – I don’t like but I understand his importance and motivation but he acts upon whims too much and I prefer there to be better reasons behind actions.

Ioannes – He’s very mysterious and I don’t know his motivation or backstory or really anything so I’m intrigued but I don’t think it will be much of a payoff.

The thing with these character’s and the sheer number there isn’t a lot growth in the book but with it being such a long series I hope we get to see some development.  There are so many more characters but I think these are the main ones in my opinion.


Like all court politics there is a lot of romance/proposals but it isn’t the focus of the story so I don’t really want to talk about it. Like most court politic books the love is pretty instant and doesn’t have much basis but that’s fine as long as you accept it and realise that it isn’t the main point and is sort of skimmed over.


There are so many kingdoms and areas that it’s very easy to get lost but it was written in a very brief and vague manner and there wasn’t a lot of specific detail but it think that it would be hard to do considering how many areas we got taken to.


There was a lot of jumping around and the flow was uncomfortable because there was a lot of highs and lows. Nothing really positive happens in this book and that’s hard and you just need to accept it but I still enjoyed the journey and I can’t imagine where it’s going to go considering it’s a 6 book series. However, when I was reading it I couldn’t see how there would be a sequel until the end and I think it was my fault trying to see where the future books were going.

I want to know more about the history of the world and the sanctuary because you definitely don’t get enough of it and the bits you do get are directly tied into the story but the relationship with the goddesses seem really interesting as well as the Kindred so I hope we will get a lot more as it continues.


I am so enthralled by the story and the twists and the plotting and the plans. You have to keep reading to know what’s going to happen and how people are going to react.


I enjoy it but I found it was a bit confusing and the phrasing was unusual which may add to the charm but it may also distract from the story so I think it would vary depending on who is reading it but I was able to get through it quite quickly.


I hate the villain in this, like I was angry at the end of this story but not in a bad way if that makes sense? I don’t want to say who the villain is because it may spoil it for some people.


We are so far from anything right now.

I would recommend this but I think you should keep a notepad near you because it get’s really confusing with so many characters, relationships and motivations going around.



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