Cress by Marissa Meyer

I really enjoyed this overall but I think I preferred Scarlet just because there’s so much set up in this book and there are SO MANY characters now. There are spoilers for the previous books and some mild ones for this.


Cinder – Still great but you can start to see her apprehension but she works through it and that’s what’s so good about her. She should be the main character but she fades into the background in this book for me.

Kai – I think the idea is that I’m meant to be in love with him but I’m just not, he has too much to deal with and I like him but he’s not for me in terms of a romantic interest. I think he handled the whole ordeal of his situation quite well but he didn’t have much in terms of choice.

Scarlet – There’s very little of her in this story and I missed her because I really enjoyed the last book.

Wolf – He’s grown on me but he’s still not my favourite.

Cress – I like her but she feels very young and her character is a very weird mix of childish and love struck and smart and I struggled at some points to be with her.

Thorne – I like his honesty more and his bravado was definitely more mute which allowed you to like the heart of his character more.

Dr Erland – We get more of his history and how he came to earth and his life on Luna and it allows you to empathise with him and resent him.

Iko – I still love her, she’s the best, and she’s just so much fun and lightens the mood.

Winter – She’s crazy and I never expected it but I can’t wait to read the next one to see more of what she’s like.

Jacin – I don’t like him but that’s how I’ve felt with all the love interests so far.


The romance is cantered on Thorne and Cress and I didn’t know how I felt about it in the beginning but I’m warming to it. Overall it’s not my favourite part of the stories.


We get to see a bit more of the Earthen culture and history and it is a really interesting world that I enjoy reading and getting to know. We do move around a lot and it can be hard to keep track of but it’s enjoyable because the other books have been quite stationary.


I think there is too much of the story about the wedding preparations and I just got a little bored of it. A lot goes on and we jump between perspective a lot and it can be hard to follow.


Everything’s coming together and I can’t wait to read the finale and see how all the hard work comes together and I just want the success now and to see what Earth and Luna and all the characters do afterwards.


It’s pretty good, it’s not really noteworthy but I still enjoy reading it.


I hate Levana, she’s evil and wrong and I think I’m going to read Fairest just to see before I get to Winter.


War is happening people, we are there. It is all about to go down.


I want to give this 5 starts but there’s something about it that I just can’t do it. It’s still a really good read but there’s just so much build up that it can make it a bit of a slower read.


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