Lady Midnight (NO SPOILERS) – Cassandra Clare

I will start this by saying I love this book I really did. I love Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters and supernatural creatures and this book exceeded my expectations. Overall I’m a pretty pessimistic person and I don’t jump on hype because it will ruin books for me. I like to give them a fair shot with an open mind and I’m glad I do it this way because I love this book’s writing and storyline and characters and diversity.

So the story isn’t really to do with the Shadowhunters and how they do things, it’s more about the Blackthorn family and Emma Carstairs dealing with a problem that presents itself. There is a lot of mystery and twists and turns and for once I didn’t see them coming. I can’t wait to go back and read it again and spot all the little clues because they are definitely there but so subtle and fit the story; they’re not shoehorned in like most stories.

I like the characters but they don’t drastically develop but more so in subtle ways and I think that’s important. This book is rife with secrets and people hiding things and it can get frustrating but that’s the point – you want to know!

I really enjoyed the storyline because it is completely different and it has established characters who are Shadowhunters and there’s no question or surprises regarding that. It’s just them dealing with a situation they way a Shadowhunter does.

I think you could read this if you haven’t read the previous series but you are definitely rewarded for knowing the Mortal Instruments and knowing The Infernal Devices. I love the way her books link and I accept that people think that she’s overdone it but I completely disagree because she has given us this world that we get to go into and experience in full rather than just part of it.

So I’ve kept this short because there will be spoilers if I talk about it anymore. I may write a spoiler filled one later on but I think this is the best way for people who aren’t sure about picking it up. So here’s my recommendation:

  • If you’ve read both the Mortal Instruments AND The Infernal Devices – finished them and pick up Lady Midnight, it is another level to the world and Shadowunters in general and I know it’s big but it’s worth it and I took a week to read it.
  • If you’ve read the Mortal Instruments – finish it and read Lady Midnight if you can’t wait but it WILL SPOIL the Infernal Devices.
  • If you’ve only read the Infernal Devices – finish it and read Lady Midnight if you can’t wait but it WILL SPOIL the Mortal Instruments.
  • If you’ve not read any of Cassandra Clare’s books – if you’re interested pick it up because it can be read that way BUT it will spoil key revelation of both the Mortal Instruments AND the Infernal Devices.


This is my new favourite book and I loved it because I like getting as much information as possible. But I am different and I don’t want to contribute to hype; if you want to read it, even an inclination to read it, then I highly recommend you don’t read any more reviews and you just get into it. And if you now want to read Lady Midnight because of me then I’m happy and I hope you enjoy yourself.



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