Looking for Alaska by John Green

So I read this when I was much younger, when I was struggling with life and struggling with helping people who had just lost family. Now I’m older I can appreciate it differently. I’m 19 and my life is going into overdrive and about to officially start and it’s strange to reflect upon my own experiences and how they can differ between people. The sum of our experiences makes us and books made me. This book made me different 3 years ago and it made me different today.


Characters are usually my favourite part of a book and I can usually write so much but you’re too busy experiencing this book to analyse. It’s a journey and a story, not a charactory revelation.

Miles – He is a very awkward and hard to relate to main character sort of like Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye. It’s hard to deal with him but his relationships and sad backstory sort of compensate and allow an understanding.

Colonel – He’s the pusher of the group, the one that forces things and takes control. It’s nice to see a male relationship.

Alaska – She is unpleasant but she’s me, minus the smoking and cheating sorta thing but, we have a similar outlook on life and way of living and mood swings.

Takumi – He’s that side character to the three musketeers that’s fine but not the star even though I enjoy him and he’s fun and something different.

Lara – She’s weird and different but not everyone has to be important sometimes, characters can add things just because they exist rather than by what they do.


I read a lot of American books and I’m no closer to understanding states or regions or stereotypes. It’s just a place for me so I could miss out on bits and pieces here and there.


I don’t want to spoil it but it’s a story about an adventure and a boy trying to gain more from life, to find the point of it all so he doesn’t regret leaving it too late.


It’s written in a very concise manner and the point is given rather than deduced. It’s strange how small singular things can leave an impact on people. For example I live by “I would die for you but I won’t live for you” – Stephen Chobosky. It’s just never been something I forgot and it’s hard to forget this book which is why I reread it – something I very rarely do. It’s not written in the form of chapters but days before and after something and you don’t know till you get there. It’s interesting; it just shows the progression of time.


I don’t really want to write about this because it’s not the main point which is why I’ve put it at the end.  Love is part of life and it makes sense for some form of it to be involved in this because it’s about a teenage boy and guess what boys reach an age where they either find games, wrestling, or girls but usually they find them at some point.

This is short but I think this is a book you have to read and experience. I know some people don’t care for John Green and I’m not obsessive but I like this book, I think it matters, if there’s just one you read. Read this. I think it’s worth it.


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