Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

I can’t believe I need to wait to 26th April to have the final instalment. This wasn’t my favourite book but a lot happened.


I have noticed that each of the books have tended to focus on one of the characters. And this one was based on Adam who I didn’t like but he’s gotten a bit better and less whiney and accepting of peoples help which makes him a much better character in my opinion.

Blue – Blue is a pretty broken character in this story but I still love her and want to help her. Not a lot happens but she does have a massive character change and is forced to grow up and accept the unpleasant side of life. She handles it pretty well but you can see her anger and frustration at not having her mother around.

Gansey – There’s very little to Gansey in this book. He isn’t really the focus but more the breather that Blue needs when it gets too much.

Ronan –  I love Ronan still but he holds onto his aggressive character and his brutish attitude. I liked reading about his character in the last book and we don’t really get that in this which is a shame but makes sense.

Adam – He is the main focus of the book and about him developing with his powers and coming to accept what’s happened to him and what is happening around him. Him and Ronan become a really good team which is good because you realise that the two of them fight a lot through the series. They tend to be polar opposites but when united with a common enemy it’s scary how well they can work together to achieve something.


There is very little romance in this book apart from the tiny developments between Blue and Gansey and it’s sweet if not sad.


We get to venture out of Henrietta a little bit and you get to see the countryside and with that a few new characters and it’s a nice and welcomed change.


This is still a solid series. It feels like the first 3 books are just the complete flow of a book. It’s done so well in terms of the overarching storyline and all three instalments don’t feel like they are separate which is what makes the adventure so compelling and interesting. Saying that this is my least favourite because not enough happens even though there are quite a few massive reveals it just felt a little underwhelming at times.


So much has happened from the first book and it’s still happening in the third. The magical elements are starting to come to light in the way that they work and it has been a really good steady buildup.


It’s still weird and whimsical and even though it’s not my favourite I still enjoy reading this series.


It’s a spoiler to tell you who it is. But he started out seeming like this really difficult opponent and it fell flat for me. I still enjoy getting to read from the opposing forces point of view. It just makes it a complete story.


This feels like the crescendo to the piece and the next books does seem like the finale and with the build-up and pacing it feels right unlike when you read a lot of series you have no clue how the last book is the finale. I’m ready for it to end, not because I don’t enjoy it but because it was written in a way that you know it’s ok for it to end and you can go back a reread them to experience the adventure again.

This is just a great book and if you haven’t read it then do it now so you’re ready for the Raven King. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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